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Almiraz Diaper Cake No.2

This diaper cake is made with love for my sister in law who is due in June. She's expecting her first born who is a boy. I made a yellow and brown themed diaper cake for her.I stuffed inside 1 GAP shirt, 1 barut, a box of Avent teats, a pair of booties and mittens, maybe about 18 diapers (I can't remember, bad memory), 1 body suit, 1 bib, 1 blanket, a pair of socks, a baby rattle toy, a pair of shoes and a Lamaze toy. Brown shoesHope you like it sis!

Le Chouette Macaron

Have you heard of this macarons? Ok ok, I'm really not a fan of macarons… can read about my opinions on macarons at Macarons Harrods KLCC and Qoo and Delectables Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. So, tak beriya sangat la. But in order to brightened up parties, ada macarons sikit pun ok jugak kan?...So I tried this one. Super sweet and superb packaging and branding. I bought 2 square packs for a baby shower which I organised.. A pack of square box of 16 macarons is RM55. Ok mahal.....tapi, suka sangat tengok the colours, not to mention the chouette. Very cute! Le Chouette Macaron packagingLe Chouette Macaron – Ocean Blue square pack RM55Le Chouette Macaron May Offerings – Square box RM55This is taken from the FB page:Le Chouette Macaron May OfferingsThere are many other choices. You can browse their FB page and the owner’s blog whenever you like.You can visit the FB page here
and the owner's blog here
Have a great eye candy day!

Dinner in Kokopelli Traveller’s Bistro

We had a wholesome dinner last week courtesy of my little brother who successfully got a new job. Coincidently pulak Mother’s Day, nak kata celebrate, kitorang tak celebrate pun sebab Haram kan….heheh…anyway, yang overnya sebab nak makan free…heheheh….so we went to Kokopelli Traveller’s Bistro in PJ. Kokopelli cupcake table number standLeft: Traffic RM9.90 (A combination of fresh apple and orange juice) Right: Iced chocolate with whipped cream RM8.90Left: Fly me to the moon RM8.90 Right: Watermelon juice RM7.90Teh Tarik RM3.90 and Sole Arte Mineral Water RM12 per bottleClassic Mushroom Soup RM12.90 (mushroom soup in chicken and beef broth)Mushroom soup is quite soupy, not so thick like the one I had in The Loaf (read about Lunch at The Loaf, Pavilion KL) but the Focaccia toast is awesome!…Lembut dan sedap giler….Ni peminat soup – tengok je lah sampai hirup-hirupFocaccia Garlic Toast RM5.90Pan fried Salmon with Lemon Butter RM34.90 (sedap!)Pasta Gambarelli RM25.90 (Fettucine, sauteed p…

Atuk! Atuk! Atuk!

Amar is learning more words from all of us at home, he has widen his vocabulary to air (water), bai (as in bye-bye) and many other words that he picked up and shortened it like pok (keropok= crackers), pak (nampak=see), nak tu (I want this...while pointing at err.....basically he wants to feed) and jap (kejap=wait a minute).I think the first word that Amar learnt was Atuk (grand dad) because Amar spends most of his time with my dad at home and everyday I heard my dad teaching him to say atuk. At that time, Amar langsung tak keluar suara lagi pun (less than 1 year old). Amar's pronounciation is slightly different from us, it's like a bit slanged, well, his slang anyway….cer dengar dia sebut jap… Atuk! Atuk! Atuk! So basically he gets the idea that atuk refers to an old man. Now, bila dia tengok gambar agong kat tv jer dia cakap atuk! atuk! atuk!...wah!!...kalau itulah atuk, I won't be working sayang!!!....everytime dia cakap macam tu, pasti ada remark from any of us that '…

Almiraz Diaper Cake No. 1

So, if you have been reading my blog, you know that I sucked at baking, for example in this entry Cake Pops Tragedy where I didn’t successfully make cake pops as how I have imagined. Thus, I have ventured into making diaper cakes instead. Haaa…yang ni baru ok sikit…(kek tipu bolehla kau nak buat kan…). Red and Pink Diaper Cake for baby girlAmacam?…ok tak?…..boleh jual tak?….alaaa takleh buat bizness aaa…you all mesti boleh buat punya, asalkan ada minat….This one I made for my hubby’s friend (wife dia baru dapat baby girl so kitorang gi visit last weekend)….tapi, yang ni simple je sebab satu tier je (eh tier tier macam accounting framework lak…oopss tercakap pasal kerja lak..)….I ada buat a few lagi tapi nanti I tunjuk…Cakap pasal kos, memang sesuai la that diaper cakes yang ada kat market ni cost around RM100 above kan?…logik la tu…barang-barang mahal especially kalau ada plush toys Lamaze tu…memang sah mahal….lagi-lagi nak yang branded-branded Mothercare bagai…takleh nak komplen ah…N…

Flashback: Working in City Stadium

Wah! Haritu City menang EPL 2011-2012 after 44 years!. Masa ni lah nak keluarkan entry ni....jeng jeng jeng....(macamla ada org minat nak baca).....Anyway, just nak share pengalaman masa bekerja di MCFC dolu-dulu….haritu I dah citer pengalaman bekerja kat United …..I used to work in MCFC as a steward. With only 45 pounds per match, I dragged my feet to get to work so that I can afford to shop for clothes and travel [that time Topshop and Miss Selfridge were my favourite]. I had to take a bus to get there unlike Old Trafford Stadium where I could just walk. A bit about City of Manchester Stadium. It was built for 2002 Commonwealth Games (I tak sempat sebab was there post 2002). Hence, after the games, the stadium was given to MCFC so that it is not under utilised. Ok, back to my job, as a steward, I had to be there 2 hours before the football match starts. Before each match, we will be briefed by our supervisor and location preference. I always chose to be at the parameter because I wa…

Nasi Lemak Ameer Ehsan

Have you tried this nasi lemak?....Seriously, there's nothing special about this nasi lemak, in terms of its taste. Rasa nasi lemak ni biasa je macam nasi lemak lain, but after 5 years I have been eating this nasi lemak; on weekends normally, I rasa nasi ni sedap pulak. The first few months memang tak bleh blah tak suka sangat tapi lama-kelamaan ok pulak. It has now become an acquired taste food. Not everyone can appreciate nasi lemak ni. Nasi Lemak Ameer EhsanIf you happen to go Taman Maluri or moving along Jalan Cochrane, you will not miss Restoran Ameer Ehsan. It's just at the corner of the road, opposite Hong Leong Bank (I think)…Percubaan mengambil gambar Restoran Ameer EhsanThe restaurant is known for its hills of nasi this picture: Bukit nasi lemakNow, my son Amir pun dah start suka nasi lemak ni. I had this every weekend when I was pregnant with Amar.

Mothercare Meet You In Wonderland 2012

Last Sunday we went to Mothercare KLCC for some fun and exciting activities for kiddos. Mothercare had a 'Meet You In Wonderland' party in conjunction with their 25th Anniversary. Amir was super excited when he heard about it. I think since he started schooling, he became more participative, excited with things and has lots of positive vibes (apart from I-can't-wake-up-in-the-morning drama). Since we came in the morning, the place was not so crowded with people yet. In order to participate in their games and activities, I had to purchase any amount. I spent RM70 on 2 bottles of paint for Amir and wooden letters for Amar (but actually I have a side plan for the wooden letters)... Mothercare meet You In Wonderland poster – taken from Mothercare FB page
First, Amir did some sand art at the Sand Art Station. Just look at his blue dolphins in a green ocean!.........After that he tried his luck at the Quoits Ring A Toss Station. He scored 1 out of 3 and won a small package. …