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Flashback: Working in City Stadium

Wah! Haritu City menang EPL 2011-2012 after 44 years!. Masa ni lah nak keluarkan entry ni....jeng jeng jeng....(macamla ada org minat nak baca).....

Anyway, just nak share pengalaman masa bekerja di MCFC dolu-dulu….haritu I dah citer pengalaman bekerja kat United …..

I used to work in MCFC as a steward. With only 45 pounds per match, I dragged my feet to get to work so that I can afford to shop for clothes and travel [that time Topshop and Miss Selfridge were my favourite]. I had to take a bus to get there unlike Old Trafford Stadium where I could just walk.

A bit about City of Manchester Stadium. It was built for 2002 Commonwealth Games (I tak sempat sebab was there post 2002). Hence, after the games, the stadium was given to MCFC so that it is not under utilised.

Ok, back to my job, as a steward, I had to be there 2 hours before the football match starts. Before each match, we will be briefed by our supervisor and location preference. I always chose to be at the parameter because I was not interested at all to watch the match. I was like so near to the players but yet so far because I had to face the spectators, not the football field. Halfway match macam boleh mati kesejukan sebab kaki really sejukkk!!!...and normally I can't feel my nose and toes. Can you imagine out in the cold for at least 5 hours?...Bila habis match mesti lari2 towards the bus because (1) to catch the bus (2) kasi keluar peluh (3) nak heater!!!...crazy..

000022 With my supervisor – can’t remember his name dah

Once, during a Derby match, I saw Christiano Ronaldo dribbling the ball but I had to turn back to spectators (takut supervisor nampak). Mesti you all tertanya kan, if I face spectators, then apa yang I jaga sebenarnya? job was to see if there's anyone who is either smoking/bringing food to the stadium. Then I have to ask them to go back in. Generally, mat saleh ni cool and tak langgar peraturan la...and generally City fans lebih berhemah dari United pendapat I la...

Sometimes if I didn't want to work under MCFC, I will work with Lindley Catering (selling food and drinks to spectators). This is tiring if you compare it with stewarding because even though I get to eat for free and not feeling cold all the time, I had to clean up the kitchen and close the register so that means nanti I lambat balik....(takleh kejar bas..kena tunggu bas pulak...). Plus, tak dapat nak feel the atmosphere outside.

000052 Ni kalau keje Lindley – uniform kena pulangkan sebab kotor – eh sempat pulak mak bergambar…rasanya ni last day keje kot…tu yang amik gambar tu)

Nevertheless, I enjoyed both work as they give different experience and feeling.


yatie chomeyl said…
bestnya..jeles ni...kenangan xdpt lupa suemur hidup ni ;)
Almiraz said…
Iyerr yatie, taknak lupa tapi nama supervisor pun dah lupa...hahaha