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Le Chouette Macaron

Have you heard of this macarons? Ok ok, I'm really not a fan of macarons… can read about my opinions on macarons at Macarons Harrods KLCC and Qoo and Delectables Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. So, tak beriya sangat la. But in order to brightened up parties, ada macarons sikit pun ok jugak kan?...So I tried this one. Super sweet and superb packaging and branding. I bought 2 square packs for a baby shower which I organised.. A pack of square box of 16 macarons is RM55. Ok mahal.....tapi, suka sangat tengok the colours, not to mention the chouette. Very cute!

DSC_0020 Le Chouette Macaron packaging

DSC_0023 Le Chouette Macaron – Ocean Blue square pack RM55

DSC_0018 Le Chouette Macaron May Offerings – Square box RM55

This is taken from the FB page:

May OfferingsLe Chouette Macaron May Offerings 

There are many other choices. You can browse their FB page and the owner’s blog whenever you like.

You can visit the FB page here
and the owner's blog here
Have a great eye candy day!