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Nasi Lemak Ameer Ehsan

Have you tried this nasi lemak?....Seriously, there's nothing special about this nasi lemak, in terms of its taste. Rasa nasi lemak ni biasa je macam nasi lemak lain, but after 5 years I have been eating this nasi lemak; on weekends normally, I rasa nasi ni sedap pulak. The first few months memang tak bleh blah tak suka sangat tapi lama-kelamaan ok pulak. It has now become an acquired taste food. Not everyone can appreciate nasi lemak ni.

IMG_1929 Nasi Lemak Ameer Ehsan

If you happen to go Taman Maluri or moving along Jalan Cochrane, you will not miss Restoran Ameer Ehsan. It's just at the corner of the road, opposite Hong Leong Bank (I think)…

IMG_1928 Percubaan mengambil gambar Restoran Ameer Ehsan

The restaurant is known for its hills of nasi this picture:

IMG_1926 Bukit nasi lemak

Now, my son Amir pun dah start suka nasi lemak ni. I had this every weekend when I was pregnant with Amar.