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Almiraz Diaper Cake No.4

I made this diaper cake for my biras (sister-in-law) for her third child (who is a boy named Ali Umar). She had 2 girls before.

Diaper Cake 3 Almiraz Diaper Cake 4

I made an orange and red themed diaper cake with Tigger as a deco. Inside the cake I stuffed with Pet Pet diapers, a GAP bodysuit, 1 barut baby, a bodysuit, a pair of booties and mittens, a pair of socks, a pair of shoes, a pack of Avent teats, a washcloth and a baby rattle.

DC3DC 4 - Close up shoes and bodysuit

aliumar Ali Umar – 3 weeks

Congrats Kak Mel! …and thanks for these Biskut Azan!

IMG_2122 Biskut roti Azan