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Almiraz Diaper Cake No. 3

This is another diaper cake I made with love for my sister-in-law (Shaza). She's expecting a boy as well (semua cucu tokwan hero- pening Cikdah). The theme is green and dark blue. The dino is super cute eh?

Diaper Cake 3 Almiraz Diaper Cake No. 3 – Dino themed

Inside I stuffed with 1 GAP shirt, a pack of Avent teats, 1 barut baby, a pair of booties and mittens, a babysuit, Pet Pet diapers, 1 blanket, 1 Carter's bib, a baby rattle toy and a Lamaze toy.

DC3 Little Dino

I hope you like it sis!


azzamoro said…
cantek. u dah boleh bukak kedai diaper cake la beb hehe
Almiraz said…
Azza..hahahah tak perlu...i buat suka2 jer.....unless ada orang nak beli....