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Chevron Mini Welcome Back Party

If you are obsessed with having parties like I am, then you should get this "party in a box" party kit.

DSC_0013 Chevron Welcome Back Party Kit In A Box

My friend just came back from the States and I decided to have a Welcome Back Mini Party for her. Since dia dah bawak banyak barang yang I kirim dari Amarika (barang-barang merapu) so I think she deserves this, at least from me.'s her birthday month so yeah...

So, apa yang I letak dalam box ni hah?...Sebenarnya kalau boleh segala mak nenek nak letak tapi memandangkan break 1 hour je, takut tak sempat nak over ini jelah...

Inside this kit:

DSC_0014Cupcakes from Wondermilk

DSC_0011Cute and colourful little marshmallows in a personalised plastic container (E on chevron)

DSC_0008Eau Claire with chevron label and E on chevron mini tag

DSC_0003 Love them marshmallows!

DSC_0002 The box

I love doing fun things like this…..may have a few more…will definitely blog about them…until then, have a lovely week ahead peeps!


Coffee Mama said…
Bestnyer jadi org kreatif ni..comel2 semua design..i think you have found your passion :-)
Almiraz said…
Heheh i hope i found the right one....suka buat benda2 camni (suka buang duit kah?)....heheh