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Hello Deer

Last week, we went to Uptown to see a new space for party, workshop, market, music or art. It was Hello Deer by Wondermilk (see poster below).

poster Poster taken from Wondermilk FB page

I am always intrigued by Wondermilk’s creative wonders. I love their style and sense of art, not to mention their yummy cupcakes too! The last time we went to Wondermilk was Wondermilk Cuppa Cakes Show at Citta Mall. To tell you the truth I have never been to the one in Uptown. Ni first time, so excited sikitla.

ilovehellodeer-entrance Hello Deer entrance

Masuk-masuk je terus nampak vintage toys by The Tinmen nih. Heh baru je haritu I was looking for tin robots.


But, the one that caught our eyes were this Basketball Game Center. Apparently it was my hubby’s favourite toy when he was young and of course when he was a child he did not appreciate it as much now. Terus beli tu. RM70. Ada satu je.

IMG_2115 Limited edition Basketball Game Center

ilovehellodeerwall Ilovehellodeer blackboard wall <3 <3 <3

Next was Mossery. A collection of notebooks which are made from imported papers from Sweden (FSC Certified). Hubby suka sebab macam ala-ala Moleskin but with various designs. He bought for me too…. and we love their name card.

ilovehellodeer-mossery Mossery notebooks

Other vendors were:

olovehellodeer - wondersweets The Wondersweets

ilovehellodeer-momage Momage

IMG_2108 Bisou – kinda like Lush

ilovehellodeer -popmycase Popmycase – you can customize your iphone case using the template in their website (same like photobook)

ilovehellodeer-saudagar&co Saudagar & Co – barang-barang lelaki – hubby liked the Timex

IMG_2110 Blok On – you can customise wood for your room or as deco party

IMG_2112 Cufica – modern Islamic art in calligraphy and typography

kiddos Muka budak-budak control kiut

IMG_2111 Notice board on the way out – tapi tak sempat baca secara detail…..there’s more markets coming soon nih…

IMG_2114 Hasil tangkapan – tak banyak pun….

We would definitely go again if there are more markets like this. It features local artists and vendors with incredible level of creativeness. Cuma satu je, I think the space is kinda small, rasa tak puas. But I guess it will serve the intention of having parties and workshops coz that will create closeness and cozyness of the space.

For bookings and enquiries, you can call +603-7725 8930. Hello Deer is situated next to Wondermilk and the address is at No. 35, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama.