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Suka: Tissue Poms Poms

So colourful and jolly
As deco for thee
Perfect for a party
But making it, is easy peasy
No hassle, not messy

IMG_1942 Red pomsDSC_0198 Blue poms

DSC_0199 Blue poms hanging from ceiling – but should have made more

Ok, even though I mentioned that it's easy to make. It didn't actually turn out well the first time. Noob sangat, I thought satu keping je.... memangla tak jadi hoi!.... For best results, work with 10 layers for big poms and 5-6 layers will suffice for smaller poms. The best paper is tissue paper, although crepe paper can last your 'pulling' longer than tissue paper (coz tissue paper is so soft)…and crepe is wayyy cheaper.

542922_3981137645467_1191452318_3748175_1393947655_n Made these purple poms for Ira of Mswriteaddict –on her farewell

Ukuran kertas around 8" x 12" for small poms and accordian fold 0.5". For big poms, you can just double up and fold accordian 1". To save cost, I used white thread to tie up and make the length longer if you want to hang the poms from your ceiling. Perfect to brighten up your party area or just as deco.

IMG_1906 Blue poms as deco for Marshmallow in a bottle

Just try it, you’ll be suprised that it may brightened up your day!


Anonymous said…
How did u hang all those pom2 kat siling eh? Double sided tape or selotape je? Hmm
Almiraz said…

I guna cellotape jer..