Naufal, Adam Lai Chinese Muslim Restaurant…..and Homemade Yam Ring

Last weekend we went to see my new nephew (the one whom I organised baby shower – when he was still in his mom’s tummy (read here). It was a day trip jer to Melaka. Naik airasia (my mom's description of a crammed car)...... Seronok dapat jumpa Naufal (my new nephew...)...

IMG_2192 Naufal laklok

Seronok sangat sampai tak pikir nak lunch kat mana coz we just had breakfast (well, my brother thought about it earlier but my mom and I were like..nahh takpe, lagipun baru makan breakfast....)

Before you know it, it was already 3pm! lepas tengok Naufal, we went to Kuih Keria Hj Limbongan to buy their ever famous kuih keria. Next, carik Lot 85 coz apparently it's quite a famous nasi stall. Semua food dah habis! Pusing punya pusing la carik tempat makan, most of the stalls semua takde food. Lastly, we went to a stall nearby my aunty's house and makan je lah apa2 dulu alas perut (my aunty tak masak coz just came back from kenduri kahwin).

Lepas singgah Air Keroh beli cencalok bagai, terus shoot balik. Reached housing area and terus singgah restaurant Adam Lai (nama macam Leon Lai pulak...remember Breaking Point?). Restoran ni halal, jgn risau.

Food was ok-ok but my dad didn't quite like it. It was ok for me coz I was too hungry. Even Amir finished a plate of rice (tanda lapar yang amat) while Amar as usual, played with his food.
What we had:


Sambal udang with petai

IMG_2218 Steamed Garoupa

IMG_2221 Buttered prawns

IMG_2219 Mixed veg

IMG_2217 Fried chicken

So, since my mom suka sangat ngan yam ring, we ordered it as 'dessert'...It was, well...ok I guess... but my parents were not satisfied.

IMG_2216 Yam ring Adam Lai

And then…..a few days after...both of them had a project...

Jeng jeng jeng.......

IMG_2225 Homemade Yam Ring

It was the home made Yam Ring project!

My dad made the stuffing while my aunty and mom made the 'ring'

IMG_2228 Fry the yam ring

Mmmmm....nyam nyam....home made is the best!

My Favourite Things Pot Luck Party

Ohhhhh <3 <3 <3

A longgg overdue party finally materialised. With rainbow colour blocking, awesome food and great company......priceless!……Need I say more?

party sign My Favourite Things Sign

rainbow dessert buffet set up Rainbow dessert buffet set up

photo Rainbow themed dessert table – top view

lollipop sugar cookies Sugar cookies by Cookies For Occasion (oh I love her cookies to bits!)

cupcake and sweets sugar cookies Cupcakes and sweets sugar cookies by Cookies for Occasion (again….in love with Kak Yani’s cookies)

Rainbow cake Rainbow cake made by Littleshakes

Rainbow cake - top view Top view of rainbow cake

homemade churros Willy Wonka Chocolatey Churros made by Stillida

Strawberry cake in a jar Strawberry cake in a jar by Fidelli Deli – check out her FB page Fidelli Deli

mini pavlova and eclairs Mini pavlova and Chocolate eclairs by Fidelli Deli

marshmallows Marshmallows in a swirl plate

may favorite things Our favourite things - part i

chinese bamboo - fav thing Our favourite thing – part ii

menu sign The menu for the day

rainbow table set up Rainbow themed  table set up

rainbow theme table set up Rainbow themed table set up – top view

my favorite things Cute favourite things

a slice of rainbow A slice of heaven

my favourite things party deco and signs My favourite things party deco and signs

See you in another 8 months eh?

Beverage Dispenser

If you are wondering where to find the glass beverage dispenser (used in parties and such), wonder no more!

Just head to your nearest Giant Hypermarket and you'll find that they have a variety of beverage dispenser for you to choose!!......I was sooooo excited when my friend (Stillida) showed me some sneak preview of the various dispensers she snapped using her phone weeks ago. Yes, it was newsflash for me....I knew I had to rush there pronto.

Except that...

I had just placed an order for a huge drink dispenser at Home24.....tak sabar weh dah terbeli cepat sangat...I bought this one (think there was only 1 type). This one is Artland.

IMG_2205 Artland beverage dispenser by Home24

I saw more of Artland's drink dispenser in Robinson's yesterday. They're having a sale.... so, go on, get yours now.....but the price is quite expensive. It ranges from RM180 above, but of course, really nice and huge with frame stand etc. They even have the ones where you can put fruits below the drink....Memang lawa, if I was a freak (with loads of money) I would buy them as collection. But I don't have loads of money, neither I am a freak (heh).

So after 2 weeks I duduk diam-diam *not thinking about the dispenser....

Yeah right....

Yesterday I purposely went to Giant after work and straight went to the home area....snapped a few pictures for you guys to see here...

IMG_2213 Bee Hive First Choice beverage dispenser RM70

IMG_2215 First Choice beverage dispenser from Giant

Pusing dua tiga kali in that area.......

Pusing dan patah balik ke tempat kejadian….

And I bought meself this.

IMG_2214 First Choice beverage dispenser from Giant RM50

Ngeh, so much for being sane and not thinking about it (for 2 weeks).

It was the cheapest and most original drink dispenser. I love it so much! (Of course I love the expensive one too, but this is like just RM50....just RM50...Lima puluh hengget jerrr…….okayyy...I have to stop this)...

I am slightly a freak after all.....  :p

July Momiji

Hey there……July is back and this time my Momiji keyring collection goes to Melati Putih!!!!…heheheh…This is a new style Momiji and I’m very happy that it describes physically exactly how Dura is…with the specs especially….Hope you like it!


Happy Birthday Dura!!

Yuna (self titled US debut album)

These comments are just my views on Yuna's new US debut album. Can't get them here (yet) but been listening to all of her new songs on Youtube again and again and again. She is indeed an awesome and talented singer!

Picture credit to

I would say this song is a bit of Bjork (sikit je, maybe sebesar bola pingpong) and a lot of Yuna of course!....She really has an angelic kinda voice and mesmerising at the same time.

Favorite Thing
This is a perfect song to describe a favorite thing....well, in Yuna's case that special somebody. I love the last bit ..."and all the time I keep you near me"....It's cute that she pronounced 'all' macam British accent pulak...

Remember My Name
Ooooh...I love this song!. It's superfun, jovial kinda like song - like a song that you put on for a montage of a wedding where you have a lot of happy faces and cheeky actions....and the way it slows down towards the end.... love it!

The longer version of the song which was originally 1 minute and 58's nice, can't deny it..

I love to fly too Yuna...cuma duit tak cukup-cukup lagi this song to bits!

Bad Idea

This Hawaian kinda beat kinda like being in Island sipping pina colada, is kinda fun...I'm hearing something different as compared to other tracks (in addition to See You Go)....ok Yuna! (my answer to your question in this song...hehehe).

Ahh...another positive energy song....Love the chorus ..."and if you drown I'll help you to keep your head up to breath"... tolak jauh-jauh negative energy..this song is all about being positive...this is my favourite song too Yuna....

This song makes me wanna sway in a field full of flowers with a cute dress and a chiffon shawl....berangan!....But yeah, this song is like that..suka petikan gitarnya juga...currently this is my favourite of all...It was Lullabies, then Favourite Thing and now this.

Fading Flower
A-a-a-a-a......a cute song....the kind of song where you want to tap your feet to the beat...and tap your fingers as well....

See You Go
This song produced by the Neptunes...memang ada unsur-unsur Pharrell in we all know Yuna pun dah berkawan dengan dia.....great new beat for Yuna...I like!

When I first heard this song, I felt like I was in a old investigation movie....but suka the chorus with the drum <3!

Live Your Life
Written by Yuna and produced by Pharrell. The song that was featured in Conan on TBS, this was the debut single released for US market....a beginning of a sweet experience for Yuna, I believe.

Loud Noises
A very positive song...I love 2 parts of this song. The first part is when she said "do what you do and do it great". I guess we have to be into it to come up with great ideas and outcomes....and just do it. I love the positive spirit message. The other part that I love is when the song subsides leaving the chime sounds fading till the song ends. Incredibly brilliant!

All in all, I heart all the songs in this US album...nyesal tak kirim masa Littleshakes kat sana....danggg!....sekarang mana nak carik?...bilalah agaknya nak masuk market Malaysia....whatever it is, I will definitely go to Yuna's next concert especially if these are the songs that she will be awesomeness!!


Sila sambung...haha....fill in the blanks ikut suka...

I first encountered this when I bought stuffs in Typo masa wedding my brothers Dec last year (2011). I got the KEEP CALM calendar purchase on purchase (tapi tak ingat berapa). Ok jugakla sebagai hiasan kat cubicle. Memang bagus kalau ada orang yang suka kalut-kalut bila bekerja, semua benda pun nak kalut, jadi, I put this as a reminder for me and other people - untuk keep calm.

IMG_2169 Keep Calm calendar - Errr…ada yang takleh diterima la, as in tak sesuai dibuat di khalayak ramai contohnya ‘wear hot pants’ tu…

Anyway, the other day while I was blog hopping, I encountered a post about how it all started. Rupanya it started from WW2 to view the video or you can just Youtube Keep Calm and select the video uploaded by BarterbooksLtd.

Yang ni I punya poster…heheh….


Twine, oh you’re so fine!

Round and round and round
Twist and twirl with a silent sound
Red, pink black and brown
Colourful twine is here, so don't frown

pinktwine Pink twine

Haaa tu dia siap berpantun omputih gitu……..Berzaman carik benda nih. Last-last kirim from States kat Littleshakes. Tapi, last week nampak kat Typo Setia City Mall. Memang sah twine dah masuk Malaysia!!...

I went crazy selecting either a pink and white twine or a black and white one. It was a difficult decision because it was not cheap. Kat Typo ni satu twine (40 metres) is RM17.50. Congak-congak yang kirim punya lagi murah.....seronoknya la kalau dapat dok sana...segala mak nenek benda craft ada...boleh gile jap dibuatnya. Ni red twine yang I kirim….700 metres…will last me till whenever…

red twine Baker’s Twine –red

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