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My Favourite Things Pot Luck Party

Ohhhhh <3 <3 <3
A longgg overdue party finally materialised. With rainbow colour blocking, awesome food and great company......priceless!……Need I say more?
party sign My Favourite Things Sign
rainbow dessert buffet set up Rainbow dessert buffet set up
photo Rainbow themed dessert table – top view
lollipop sugar cookies Sugar cookies
cupcake and sweets sugar cookies Cupcakes and sweets sugar cookies
Rainbow cake Rainbow cake made by Littleshakes
Rainbow cake - top view Top view of rainbow cake
homemade churros Willy Wonka Chocolatey Churros made by Stillida
Strawberry cake in a jar Strawberry cake in a jar by Fidelli Deli – check out her FB page Fidelli Deli
mini pavlova and eclairs Mini pavlova and Chocolate eclairs by Fidelli Deli
marshmallows Marshmallows in a swirl plate
may favorite things Our favourite things - part i
chinese bamboo - fav thing Our favourite thing – part ii
menu sign The menu for the day
rainbow table set up Rainbow themed  table set up
rainbow theme table set up Rainbow themed table set up – top view
my favorite things Cute favourite things
a slice of rainbow A slice of heaven
my favourite things party deco and signs My favourite things party deco and signs
See you in another 8 months eh?


azzamoro said…
ni party family ker kwn2 ni? what does it mean by My Favourite Thing? bwk brg yg kite suke ke?
Almiraz said…
Azza: Ni pot luck ngan kawan-kawan jer..there were 6 of us termasuk i, so i bawak 5 barang yang i suka (mesti barang yang sama) so semua org akan dapat barang i dan i akan dapat 5 barang lagi dari setiap kawan i, so I will end up with 5 different things...inspired by 'Oprah's Favourite Things'.....biasanya mat salleh suka buat party camni....something different for us...and fun of course...
azzamoro said…
ohh ok faham. haah la fun jugak. best idea ni