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Naufal, Adam Lai Chinese Muslim Restaurant…..and Homemade Yam Ring

Last weekend we went to see my new nephew (the one whom I organised baby shower – when he was still in his mom’s tummy (read here). It was a day trip jer to Melaka. Naik airasia (my mom's description of a crammed car)...... Seronok dapat jumpa Naufal (my new nephew...)...

IMG_2192 Naufal laklok

Seronok sangat sampai tak pikir nak lunch kat mana coz we just had breakfast (well, my brother thought about it earlier but my mom and I were like..nahh takpe, lagipun baru makan breakfast....)

Before you know it, it was already 3pm! lepas tengok Naufal, we went to Kuih Keria Hj Limbongan to buy their ever famous kuih keria. Next, carik Lot 85 coz apparently it's quite a famous nasi stall. Semua food dah habis! Pusing punya pusing la carik tempat makan, most of the stalls semua takde food. Lastly, we went to a stall nearby my aunty's house and makan je lah apa2 dulu alas perut (my aunty tak masak coz just came back from kenduri kahwin).

Lepas singgah Air Keroh beli cencalok bagai, terus shoot balik. Reached housing area and terus singgah restaurant Adam Lai (nama macam Leon Lai pulak...remember Breaking Point?). Restoran ni halal, jgn risau.

Food was ok-ok but my dad didn't quite like it. It was ok for me coz I was too hungry. Even Amir finished a plate of rice (tanda lapar yang amat) while Amar as usual, played with his food.
What we had:


Sambal udang with petai

IMG_2218 Steamed Garoupa

IMG_2221 Buttered prawns

IMG_2219 Mixed veg

IMG_2217 Fried chicken

So, since my mom suka sangat ngan yam ring, we ordered it as 'dessert'...It was, well...ok I guess... but my parents were not satisfied.

IMG_2216 Yam ring Adam Lai

And then…..a few days after...both of them had a project...

Jeng jeng jeng.......

IMG_2225 Homemade Yam Ring

It was the home made Yam Ring project!

My dad made the stuffing while my aunty and mom made the 'ring'

IMG_2228 Fry the yam ring

Mmmmm....nyam nyam....home made is the best!