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Yuna (self titled US debut album)

These comments are just my views on Yuna's new US debut album. Can't get them here (yet) but been listening to all of her new songs on Youtube again and again and again. She is indeed an awesome and talented singer!

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I would say this song is a bit of Bjork (sikit je, maybe sebesar bola pingpong) and a lot of Yuna of course!....She really has an angelic kinda voice and mesmerising at the same time.

Favorite Thing
This is a perfect song to describe a favorite thing....well, in Yuna's case that special somebody. I love the last bit ..."and all the time I keep you near me"....It's cute that she pronounced 'all' macam British accent pulak...

Remember My Name
Ooooh...I love this song!. It's superfun, jovial kinda like song - like a song that you put on for a montage of a wedding where you have a lot of happy faces and cheeky actions....and the way it slows down towards the end.... love it!

The longer version of the song which was originally 1 minute and 58's nice, can't deny it..

I love to fly too Yuna...cuma duit tak cukup-cukup lagi this song to bits!

Bad Idea

This Hawaian kinda beat kinda like being in Island sipping pina colada, is kinda fun...I'm hearing something different as compared to other tracks (in addition to See You Go)....ok Yuna! (my answer to your question in this song...hehehe).

Ahh...another positive energy song....Love the chorus ..."and if you drown I'll help you to keep your head up to breath"... tolak jauh-jauh negative energy..this song is all about being positive...this is my favourite song too Yuna....

This song makes me wanna sway in a field full of flowers with a cute dress and a chiffon shawl....berangan!....But yeah, this song is like that..suka petikan gitarnya juga...currently this is my favourite of all...It was Lullabies, then Favourite Thing and now this.

Fading Flower
A-a-a-a-a......a cute song....the kind of song where you want to tap your feet to the beat...and tap your fingers as well....

See You Go
This song produced by the Neptunes...memang ada unsur-unsur Pharrell in we all know Yuna pun dah berkawan dengan dia.....great new beat for Yuna...I like!

When I first heard this song, I felt like I was in a old investigation movie....but suka the chorus with the drum <3!

Live Your Life
Written by Yuna and produced by Pharrell. The song that was featured in Conan on TBS, this was the debut single released for US market....a beginning of a sweet experience for Yuna, I believe.

Loud Noises
A very positive song...I love 2 parts of this song. The first part is when she said "do what you do and do it great". I guess we have to be into it to come up with great ideas and outcomes....and just do it. I love the positive spirit message. The other part that I love is when the song subsides leaving the chime sounds fading till the song ends. Incredibly brilliant!

All in all, I heart all the songs in this US album...nyesal tak kirim masa Littleshakes kat sana....danggg!....sekarang mana nak carik?...bilalah agaknya nak masuk market Malaysia....whatever it is, I will definitely go to Yuna's next concert especially if these are the songs that she will be awesomeness!!