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August 2012 Momiji

Hi everyone!….this is quite a late post since the recipient's birthday was in earlier weeks of August…My new collection of momiji goes to……my new dear friend; Suri!!!!…..yes, the momiji is like her…she’s funky like that….August; new momiji collectionMomiji in basket

Olay Yuna & Friends Buka Puasa Reunion Party

Yes! Alhamdulillah I won this contest!...

Picture taken from Olay Malaysia FB page
This is the only contest that I entered after a bajillion years of hibernating. When I was young, I used to enter those contests in newspapers and usually won movie passes. I can still remember, the best was I got to watch Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed (don't ask why I rasa this is the best, maybe masa tu susah nak gi tengok wayang kot).....but that time has passed coz I stopped reading newspapers. Don't get me wrong, I still read newspapers now but never in detail or ngadap suratkhabar 24 jam. So, having said that, memanglah I tak tengok contest ke, apa ke, I just don't have the time.
Until I saw on Yuna's FB page about Olay Total Effects Yuna & Friends Buka Puasa Reunion Party...I was like hmmm...maybe I should just give it a try, who knows I'm lucky?
And I am lucky indeed! I was one of the Grand Prize winners and got to meet Yuna in person! ...(ok, too much exclamation ma…

Diaper Suitcase

Something new from me. Nak tukar sikit dari diaper cakes biasa. This was actually purchased by my good friend who always supports me. Barang-barang semua dia yang beli. I just bought the suitcase, blanket, bib and a few Mamy Poko. Hias-hias sikit (then my friend hias lagi) and I made the card (last minute - I promised myself would do a better one for next order)…..and tadaaaaa!!!…..(gambar asal boleh je, amik kat meja opis).Diaper suitcase for a baby girlThe handmade topperHandmade diaper suitcase tag So, what do you think?……menarik tak? ..heheheh…yang penting takde TIRU sesiapa…heheheh…..

Berbuka Puasa in Sime Darby Convention Centre

Every year, my colleagues and I must go somewhere for berbuka puasa (iftar) together (nak harapkan kompeni memang takdelah - ni aktiviti sendiri). Last year we went to Dorset KL (where Jaafar Onn and his crew singing full blast that we had to scream to the top of our lungs just to have a conversation).....anyway, this year, we changed venue, we went to Sime Darby Convention Centre….and this year, I vowed to eat desserts first (erk what?)The deco in Sime Darby Ramadhan BuffetCeiling decoThere were loads of food but the most important thing was having good friends to chat with, be crazy and enjoy our time there. Having said that, I actually did not eat a lot. I broke/opened fast with desserts so I wasn’t lying when I said that I’m having desserts first….heheh For me, the highlight would be this ice-cream goreng: ….I had 3 of those!Ice-cream gorengHaha this ABC was a disaster. I mixed everything in (nasib tak masuk cendol sekali)….this was the first dessert that I took (what was I thinki…

Churros by Joy The Baker

I love churros! The first time I had them was when I was in Tokyo Disneyland in year 2000. Then in Melbourne (read here) and found in OU after that (read here). Basically churros is my love (but I haven't told you what's my other equal love....hehehehe)....Let's just stick to churros first ok?So, when my friend (Stillida) showed me Joy The Baker's website on how to make churros, I was delighted but seriously didn't think that I could 'make' them, you I'm not confident in baking anything coz I always disappoint myself (like the cake pops tragedy, remember?)...So when we had our 'My Favourite Things Party' few weeks ago, she made churros!...You can read about her churros here.
After that I decided to try, (and after persistently interrogated Stillida on the type of chocolate, the icing tip number, the measurement bla bla - really not expecting anything out of my try out. I was relieved that it does not require any baking !!......(…