August 2012 Momiji

Hi everyone!….this is quite a late post since the recipient's birthday was in earlier weeks of August…

My new collection of momiji goes to……my new dear friend; Suri!!!!…..yes, the momiji is like her…she’s funky like that….

momiji august August; new momiji collection

momiji in basket Momiji in basket

Olay Yuna & Friends Buka Puasa Reunion Party

Yes! Alhamdulillah I won this contest!...

olay buka puasa poster Picture taken from Olay Malaysia FB page

This is the only contest that I entered after a bajillion years of hibernating. When I was young, I used to enter those contests in newspapers and usually won movie passes. I can still remember, the best was I got to watch Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed (don't ask why I rasa this is the best, maybe masa tu susah nak gi tengok wayang kot).....but that time has passed coz I stopped reading newspapers. Don't get me wrong, I still read newspapers now but never in detail or ngadap suratkhabar 24 jam. So, having said that, memanglah I tak tengok contest ke, apa ke, I just don't have the time.

Until I saw on Yuna's FB page about Olay Total Effects Yuna & Friends Buka Puasa Reunion Party...I was like hmmm...maybe I should just give it a try, who knows I'm lucky?

And I am lucky indeed! I was one of the Grand Prize winners and got to meet Yuna in person! ...(ok, too much exclamation marks now....)
olay winners' table Olay winners’ table – yay! (I was seated here) terover excited you…

A bit of a background on this contest. So basically Olay Malaysia had 5 of Yuna's best friends (one childhood friend whom she knows when she was 10 years old and the others are her uni friends) to try out their skincare products for a month. Each of Yuna's friends had various types of skin such as oily, dry, combination, very very oily and I think the other friend had really bad pimples. So, all of them had to go through the Olay skincare regime and provide their feedback on the reunion day itself.
Yuna's friends Yuna’s friends spilling Yuna’s secrets and their skincare secrets

The contest for the public was from 16 July - 10 August 2012. All I did to be eligible was bought an Olay product worth RM25 above, watched the 4 webisodes in Olay's FB page and answer a simple question from each of the webisodes.
I thought I didn't win, coz Olay had published the names of the winners at their FB page on the closing date itself. So I was pasrah jelah...but somehow while I was at their FB page, I saw a notification from Olay asking me to immediately contact them and provide my contact number. I was soo nervous, but still thought that I could not have won anything coz I saw the winners name. When they finally got to contact me, the rest was a memorable history.
Olay winners Olay Malaysia Yuna and Friends Buka Puasa Reunion Party winners – cer teka saya yang mana..uhukss

The buka puasa was held in KL Hilton on 16 August 2012.. As a winner, I got to bring 3 of my friends to experience meeting Yuna in person and buka puasa with her and her 5 friends.
IMG_2358 My friends with Hunnymadu

We arrived at 6.30 pm (sharp) and took pictures. I even took pictures of the food :p

After berbuka puasa, Hunnymadu (as the emcee for the day) introduced Yuna's friends. After that, there was a video of Yuna's friends spilling Yuna's big secret that 'only friends know'. So apparently, Yuna used to sleep during lectures in uni (hmmm.... who doesn't kan?)
Yuna and Hunnymadu Yuna interviewed by Hunnymadu

Yuna also performed 5 songs; Remember My Name, Island, Live Your Life, Raya Oh Yeah and Terukir di Bintang….but I only have 3 songs recorded and for you guys to watch here….somehow I can’t seem to record the last song….my phone just refused you know (maybe dia merajuk on behalf of my husband kot). And the fourth song I’m saving for my other post (hehehehh…)…..
Please don’t mind the gegar-gegar of the recording, it’s me adjusting the view and kalau gegar jugak tu, could be my pulse…hahhahaha…ye ke?…..and I hope there’s no copyright issues…
Disclaimer: I recorded the videos myself and there was no prohibition from Olay or Yuna prior to the event.
Yuna’s first song - Remember My Name – Olay Yuna & Friends Buka Puasa Party
 Yuna’s second song - Island – Olay Yuna & Friends Buka Puasa Party
Yuna’s third song – Live your Life – Olay Yuna & Friends Buka Puasa Party
I brought home an Olay hamper and 3 bags of Olay products that could last me a year!...
olay hamper Olay hamper – stok setahun kot!

And, not forgetting....cds signed by Yuna herself...
Yuna cd signed Yuna US debut album cd signed by Yuna herself
Thank you Olay Malaysia for selecting me as the winner….I enjoyed my time meeting Yuna with my friends!
Lastly, a pose from Yuna for her fans….
Yuna in Olay Buka Puasa

Diaper Suitcase

Something new from me. Nak tukar sikit dari diaper cakes biasa. This was actually purchased by my good friend who always supports me. Barang-barang semua dia yang beli. I just bought the suitcase, blanket, bib and a few Mamy Poko. Hias-hias sikit (then my friend hias lagi) and I made the card (last minute - I promised myself would do a better one for next order)…..and tadaaaaa!!!…..(gambar asal boleh je, amik kat meja opis).

diaper suitcase for baby girl Diaper suitcase for a baby girl

diaper suitcase tag The handmade topper

diaper suitcase tag 2 Handmade diaper suitcase tag

So, what do you think?……menarik tak? ..heheheh…yang penting takde TIRU sesiapa…heheheh…..

Berbuka Puasa in Sime Darby Convention Centre

Every year, my colleagues and I must go somewhere for berbuka puasa (iftar) together (nak harapkan kompeni memang takdelah - ni aktiviti sendiri).

Last year we went to Dorset KL (where Jaafar Onn and his crew singing full blast that we had to scream to the top of our lungs just to have a conversation).....anyway, this year, we changed venue, we went to Sime Darby Convention Centre….and this year, I vowed to eat desserts first (erk what?)

DSC_0022 The deco in Sime Darby Ramadhan Buffet

DSC_0005 Ceiling deco

There were loads of food but the most important thing was having good friends to chat with, be crazy and enjoy our time there. Having said that, I actually did not eat a lot. I broke/opened fast with desserts so I wasn’t lying when I said that I’m having desserts first….heheh For me, the highlight would be this ice-cream goreng: ….I had 3 of those!

ais krim goreng Ice-cream goreng

Haha this ABC was a disaster. I mixed everything in (nasib tak masuk cendol sekali)….this was the first dessert that I took (what was I thinking?…..anyway, bila dah campur macam-macam tu jadik tak sedap).

DSC_0013 ABC with sprinkles

DSC_0008 Cute gift - Dodol inside

The food that we took was a lot! Sampai full table.


DSC_0006 The stalls in Sime Darby Ramadhan Buffet

Another attraction was the fried lala made by the chef below. Siap lenggok-lenggok bila goreng lala tu and it was a hit. Letak je habis. But the most annoying thing was the smoke from the stir-frying. Habis satu hall berasap and baju rambut tudung semua berbau asap. Maybe the Ramadhan Buffet theme can consider to place him outside instead (No offence uncle, your lala is nice but those nearby you were suffocated)….This is just my suggestion.

DSC_0019 Chef Lala – tetiba kasi nama sendiri

All in all, it was ok. There’s another place we’re going next week before Raya…..I hope it’s nice….and will blog about it soon…until then…..(enjoy your weekend) <----------some annoying people will underline, bold, colour and put this to font 100…..hahahahahha….Only those who have received this kind of e-mails will understand…..

Churros by Joy The Baker

I love churros! The first time I had them was when I was in Tokyo Disneyland in year 2000. Then in Melbourne (read here) and found in OU after that (read here). Basically churros is my love (but I haven't told you what's my other equal love....hehehehe)....Let's just stick to churros first ok?

So, when my friend (Stillida) showed me Joy The Baker's website on how to make churros, I was delighted but seriously didn't think that I could 'make' them, you I'm not confident in baking anything coz I always disappoint myself (like the cake pops tragedy, remember?)...

So when we had our 'My Favourite Things Party' few weeks ago, she made churros!...You can read about her churros here.

After that I decided to try, (and after persistently interrogated Stillida on the type of chocolate, the icing tip number, the measurement bla bla - really not expecting anything out of my try out. I was relieved that it does not require any baking !!......(My hey-no-bake-drama champion is still trifle, but pssstt to tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of it, I just like making it….you can read about my trifle here)……

Ok, back to my churros story, I thought, if my dough does becomes A-churros, I'm pretty much A-ok I think ...heheh....And it became!

Churros done

Churros (recipe by Joy The Baker)

And it was soooo easy….Go to Joy The Baker’s website for the recipe.

IMG_2253 Churros mixture after mixing with eggs

I like the part when Joy The Baker said to 'keep the faith' when stirring the eggs with the dough. Memang it was lumpy and gummy as if it's a big mistake already by putting in the eggs. But no, luckily she said 'keep the faith' there….else, I would have demotivated and might throw away the batter (teruknya).

Once the mixture is even, I put it in a piping bag like below:

Churros dough in piping bag Churros mixture in piping bag

When frying, make sure you have somebody to cut the churros, I was very lucky I have Amir who’s always wanting to help….(but please be careful of the hot pan)…

churros just put in pan Churros when put in pan

After some time, the churros will expand like this:

Churros in frying pan Churros in frying pan

According to Joy, you need to time yourself when frying the churros. It must be between 5-7 minutes to give time for the batter to cook on the inside. Nevermind the brownish colour, the taste is awesome when you take them out.

When done, serve with warm chocolate….and there you go, I have made churros..hurrah!….you should try and ‘keep the faith’ – Joy The Baker

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