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Berbuka Puasa in Sime Darby Convention Centre

Every year, my colleagues and I must go somewhere for berbuka puasa (iftar) together (nak harapkan kompeni memang takdelah - ni aktiviti sendiri).

Last year we went to Dorset KL (where Jaafar Onn and his crew singing full blast that we had to scream to the top of our lungs just to have a conversation).....anyway, this year, we changed venue, we went to Sime Darby Convention Centre….and this year, I vowed to eat desserts first (erk what?)

DSC_0022 The deco in Sime Darby Ramadhan Buffet

DSC_0005 Ceiling deco

There were loads of food but the most important thing was having good friends to chat with, be crazy and enjoy our time there. Having said that, I actually did not eat a lot. I broke/opened fast with desserts so I wasn’t lying when I said that I’m having desserts first….heheh For me, the highlight would be this ice-cream goreng: ….I had 3 of those!

ais krim goreng Ice-cream goreng

Haha this ABC was a disaster. I mixed everything in (nasib tak masuk cendol sekali)….this was the first dessert that I took (what was I thinking?…..anyway, bila dah campur macam-macam tu jadik tak sedap).

DSC_0013 ABC with sprinkles

DSC_0008 Cute gift - Dodol inside

The food that we took was a lot! Sampai full table.


DSC_0006 The stalls in Sime Darby Ramadhan Buffet

Another attraction was the fried lala made by the chef below. Siap lenggok-lenggok bila goreng lala tu and it was a hit. Letak je habis. But the most annoying thing was the smoke from the stir-frying. Habis satu hall berasap and baju rambut tudung semua berbau asap. Maybe the Ramadhan Buffet theme can consider to place him outside instead (No offence uncle, your lala is nice but those nearby you were suffocated)….This is just my suggestion.

DSC_0019 Chef Lala – tetiba kasi nama sendiri

All in all, it was ok. There’s another place we’re going next week before Raya…..I hope it’s nice….and will blog about it soon…until then…..(enjoy your weekend) <----------some annoying people will underline, bold, colour and put this to font 100…..hahahahahha….Only those who have received this kind of e-mails will understand…..


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