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Churros by Joy The Baker

I love churros! The first time I had them was when I was in Tokyo Disneyland in year 2000. Then in Melbourne (read here) and found in OU after that (read here). Basically churros is my love (but I haven't told you what's my other equal love....hehehehe)....Let's just stick to churros first ok?

So, when my friend (Stillida) showed me Joy The Baker's website on how to make churros, I was delighted but seriously didn't think that I could 'make' them, you I'm not confident in baking anything coz I always disappoint myself (like the cake pops tragedy, remember?)...

So when we had our 'My Favourite Things Party' few weeks ago, she made churros!...You can read about her churros here.

After that I decided to try, (and after persistently interrogated Stillida on the type of chocolate, the icing tip number, the measurement bla bla - really not expecting anything out of my try out. I was relieved that it does not require any baking !!......(My hey-no-bake-drama champion is still trifle, but pssstt to tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of it, I just like making it….you can read about my trifle here)……

Ok, back to my churros story, I thought, if my dough does becomes A-churros, I'm pretty much A-ok I think ...heheh....And it became!

Churros done

Churros (recipe by Joy The Baker)

And it was soooo easy….Go to Joy The Baker’s website for the recipe.

IMG_2253 Churros mixture after mixing with eggs

I like the part when Joy The Baker said to 'keep the faith' when stirring the eggs with the dough. Memang it was lumpy and gummy as if it's a big mistake already by putting in the eggs. But no, luckily she said 'keep the faith' there….else, I would have demotivated and might throw away the batter (teruknya).

Once the mixture is even, I put it in a piping bag like below:

Churros dough in piping bag Churros mixture in piping bag

When frying, make sure you have somebody to cut the churros, I was very lucky I have Amir who’s always wanting to help….(but please be careful of the hot pan)…

churros just put in pan Churros when put in pan

After some time, the churros will expand like this:

Churros in frying pan Churros in frying pan

According to Joy, you need to time yourself when frying the churros. It must be between 5-7 minutes to give time for the batter to cook on the inside. Nevermind the brownish colour, the taste is awesome when you take them out.

When done, serve with warm chocolate….and there you go, I have made churros..hurrah!….you should try and ‘keep the faith’ – Joy The Baker


Mohammad Alias said…
Sedap churros u..i suka
Still Ida said…
Syabas bette! Haha..finally you've made it. Lepas ni boleh evolve into real baking pulak..hehe
Almiraz said…
Alias: Thanks

Still Ida:'s a big word to me...hahaha