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Diaper Suitcase

Something new from me. Nak tukar sikit dari diaper cakes biasa. This was actually purchased by my good friend who always supports me. Barang-barang semua dia yang beli. I just bought the suitcase, blanket, bib and a few Mamy Poko. Hias-hias sikit (then my friend hias lagi) and I made the card (last minute - I promised myself would do a better one for next order)…..and tadaaaaa!!!…..(gambar asal boleh je, amik kat meja opis).

diaper suitcase for baby girl Diaper suitcase for a baby girl

diaper suitcase tag The handmade topper

diaper suitcase tag 2 Handmade diaper suitcase tag

So, what do you think?……menarik tak? ..heheheh…yang penting takde TIRU sesiapa…heheheh…..