Why Maybank Should Give Me Tickets to Legoland

When I was at the Maybank2u website to check my penniless account (I knew currently there was no money in it, I just wanted to check a transaction), I came across this:

maybank legoland ad

Maybank Legoland ad (cropped from Maybank2u website)

I immediately thought about some of the Lego pictures that I took last time. I knew they would come in handy. Yeah, this is the day. So, why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland my dear figurines?

Lego figurine - body builder

cowboy lego

hello kitty with muffin lego

hello kitty lego

The 2-year-old…….


policeman lego figurine

dracula lego figurine

nurse lego figurine

mr america figurine

*Lego helps….(oh! my English)…

skateboarder lego figurine

Some of the pictures updated in social networking sites…


Screen shot 2012-09-27 at 12.29.16 AM

Screen shot 2012-09-27 at 12.28.27 AM

Screen shot 2012-09-27 at 12.25.45 AM

80s women lego figurine


lego witch figurine


Note: 500 words (oh my!)

Iphone pecah/retak

Wanna know what happened last 2 weekends?

This happened.

iphone retak

 Iphone retak/pecah

Which I can't blame Amar 100%. I was the one who is so used to giving him the phone to entertain himself with my phone when I needed time to bathe, eat etc. Nuff said.

Previously, the phone fell so many times and the last time it fell, the cover chipped at the sides. I promise myself to change the cover but I didn't have the time, plus I love my Hello Kitty cover, so I didn't change it.

Until, last 2 weekends when Amar wanted to play with it and as usual, I gave it to him after I put it in airplane mode. He somehow put it on my lap and it fell. I could hear the sound of the crack. The moment I saw it, I cried. Amar kept quiet. I think he was shocked to see me cry. My husband came and consoled me by asking me to change it with his's. He said to wait for ip5.

I put the cracked phone picture in instagram and immediately my cousin said there is a shop in e-curve that could repair iphones.

And so I went to the shop.

apple repair specialist imalaysian.com - Apple Repair Specialist

The cost of the repair was RM490. Yeah, dats how I love my phone so much......Now Amar understands that he cannot play with my phone anymore.....

Hari Malaysia 2012 in Pantry Magic Bangsar

What did you do on the Malaysia Day holiday?…My family and I went to have free Malaysian flag cake …..hehehhe…courtesy of Pantry Magic Bangsar.

I received this invitation from Pantry Magic:

pmkl_peaceofcake_2012_0 Pantry Magic Invitation

At first, I thought that we won’t be going coz we might be around KL that time but after our window junkyard shopping in Amcorp, we headed to Bangsar just to join in the fun!…who else would enjoy it the most; other than ibu (cuci mata tengok baking tools)….of course the kids!….Amar was happy coz he found a new friend while Amir enjoyed the cake much…..

Malaysian flag cake Malaysian flag cake made by Pantry Magic Bangsar

Amar in Pantry Mgic  Amar in Pantry Magic

IMG_2537 Susah betul nak amik gambar Amar with the cute girl…masing-masing takleh dok diam!

While ibu enjoyed looking at this tin container especially…..(thinking of how to DIY this instead of buying…hahahah)….the kids had their fair share of time playing around and eating the cakes of course!

Tin container from Pantry MagicTin container in Pantry Magic Bangsar

And then budak-budak ni sambung makan tid bits pulak belakang kaunter….hamboih…

Makan tid bits belakang kaunter My kids makan kerepek kat Pantry Magic

If you love baking utensils and tools, visit Pantry Magic…you will definitely come back for more…heheheh….

Pantry Magic Bangsar Pantry Magic Bangsar

Thank you Pantry Magic for the ‘peace’ of cake!….(We had more than a piece of cake….hehehe)…..We are definitely looking forward for future events by Pantry Magic of course!

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Agak-agakla kan last day Raya baru nak wish…hahahah…

I hope its not too late to wish all of you Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri....(yeah, on the last day of Eid). Maaf Zahir & Batin. I nak mintak maaf if any of my scribblings here menyakitkan hati sesiapa or menyebabkan pertelingkahan or anything to that effect. Kita semua manusia biasa memang sentiasa ada salah dan silap kan.....

Raya tahun ni I followed my husband to Johol and Batu Pahat....it was a really short trip if I were to compare with our journey to Kelantan in Raya last year (you can read here: Aidilfitri 2011 part 1, part 2 and part 3).

Nah terimalah gambar untuk tahun ni…….

Ok, takde gambar yang sesuai….semua ada muka I…so, kita tonton video ni jelah yek? It’s my favourite singer; Yuna… performing her Raya song entitled Raya Oh! Yeah. Enjoy....(during the Olay Yuna Buka Puasa Reunion Party)….

Yuna performing Raya Oh Yeah during ‘Olay and Yuna Buka Puasa Reunion Party’

Uniqlo x MT have arrived in Malaysia!

Ok, this post is a bit late considering that this collaboration has officially landed in Malaysia. As a fan of Masking Tape (MT), (yes I am...)...I was really happy when I knew that it was a hit in Japan sometime in May this year but was disappointed when I thought that it's gonna arrive here later ...(but better late than never).

What attracted me was the scarves. They were really cute!!

MT scarves at Uniqlo MT scarves in Uniqlo Malaysia

I bought one. This one:

MT scarf in Uniqlo MT scarf which I bought in Uniqlo Malaysia

IMG_2412 With Amar

But I didn't buy the shirts. I think the shirts that they have in Uniqlo stores here are not as attractive as the ones in Japan and UK. Maybe leftovers?...hmmm...it's possible but who knows right? Plus, you don't get a free MT tape here if you buy a shirt....sad but true…..I know because I asked….  

Uniqlo x MT shirts MT x Uniqlo shirts in Uniqlo KLCC

Nevertheless, I am happy with my purchase, considering that I can purchase my MTs in Isetan at RM7, I'm ok with that.

‘Sundays’ in Bangsar Village II

Have you been here?

sundays bangsar village 2 Kedai Sundays in Bangsar Village II

The moment I saw it, I was like...wow wow wow!...(I lah, maybe orang lain tak kot..so just bear with my kejakunan in few more paragraphs below..)

What attracted me was the paper suitcase yang I dok mencari-cari di hujung sinin dan hujung sana....but the suitcase was a tea party set for kids and kitchen toys for kids. If I have a girl, I would definitely buy it....(yeke? sebab mahal nau).

tea party in a suitcase Tea party in a suitcase

Then, I saw wooden playkitchen and sink.

wooden play kitchen Wooden play kitchen and sink in Sundays

In front of it were wooden tricycles...(bertambah bersinar-sinar mataku)....tapi harga dia ya Allah....mahal giler...

wooden ride and tricycles Wooden tricycles and wooden rides

Next, I saw the Keep Calm Collection of wrapping papers, posters, notepads and macam-macam lagi...

keep calm notebooks Keep Calm notebooks and journals

Then my eyes just popped when I saw wooden letters (vintage style)...ni memang the 'ultimate'lah...I rasa kalah Typo (sebab Typo is my current benchmark)....(but Typo has a lot of varieties)....There's only one type of letters here and one letter costs about RM79 ok!....Telan air liur jap....The moment I saw the letters, I automatically imagined a vintage cupboard/shelving...perfect for a vintage wedding set up.

vintage wooden letters Vintage wooden letters in Sundays

Washi tapes MT brand costs RM13 per roll here whereas in Isetan they cost just RM7.90 per roll (but there could be a million choices here whereas in Isetan KLCC is just an acrylic box of MT washi tapes available). Gambar MT washi tapes takde, but you know what I mean.

colourful ceramic cupcake holder Can you believe this cupcake holder costs RM989?

ceramic cakes - deco Ceramic cakes anyone?

Oh, there are many more cute stuffs and if I'm sitting down, I can fall off my chair anytime seeing the price tags.

bottle lamp

Creative bottle table lamps

glass jars and bottles in Sundays Giant storage bottles and apothecary jars

Oh oh the straws I kirim from US are now available here (but a pack of 25 stripey straws costs RM29!)....superexpensive!

paper straws have arrived in malaysia Paper straws have landed in Malaysia yaw!

If you love Typo and Iwannagohome you might like this shop. It’s a combination of deco/paper/things that are really cute and nice….Have fun shopping!

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

Lazy style…(not gangnam style ah).

My objective is to be a champion in baking that doesn’t require baking….(sounds wrong eh?)

Ok, ok. Let me rephrase that. I wanted my dessert fix but I was too lazy to go buy one. Get it?

So, after Googling for the perfect recipe (when I say perfect it means, first and foremost, extremely important point is no-baking…even if baking crust will put me off)…I’m lazy like that…(apsal malas nau kau nih?)…

Anyway, I found one recipe but I changed it a lot so here’s my version of a no-bake blueberry cheesecake….lazy style. If you are expecting the ukuran-ukuran, I’m terribly sorry I don’t have the ukuran-ukuran. I just belasah je. The ingredients that I used are:

ingredients for blueberry cheesecake Ingredients to make a no bake blueberry cheesecake lazy style

Here’s my simple method:

1. To make the crust, crush the Brownie Cookies together with half of the Hob Nobs. Why half? Coz I need to eat Hob Nobs later, for fun. I also put aside a few of them Brownie Cookies to put into the cheese mixture.

2. Place your crumbled cookies into your favourite Pyrex, or cute glasses or simply in a plastic container. Whatever works for you. We’re not gonna bake it anyway. Press and compress it. Leave it aside.

3. Put a tablespoon of gelatine in a slightly less than a quarter cup of water. Leave the gelatine for 30 seconds to settle. Heat the mixture on slow fire and stir the gelatine until it’s even. Leave it aside.

4. Blend the cream cheese, cream and the canned strawberries. Put a teaspoon of lemon if you like to have a tinge of sour taste. If you are using fresh strawberries, you don’t need lemon coz the strawberries are sour enough. I usually use more cream cheese than the cream, I’m sure there’s reason (there must be a valid reason) but I just like it like that.

5. When the blended mixture looks fine, pour the gelatine mixture bit by bit and continue blending it.

6. Pour the mixture onto your crust. Add the brownie pieces and blueberries. Go crazy! I love this part coz I like to put them a lot. It will look like this:

no bake blueberry cheesecake No bake blueberry cheesecake – halfway done

7. Put in freezer if you need it in the evening (I’m assuming you’re making it in the afternoon) or just put it in the fridge overnight if you need to eat it the next day. Whatever you like.

8. To serve, put whipped cream (instant one, I’m lazy remember?) on top of the mixture and deco with more blueberries and the petite grapes…(Amar loves it!)….

no bake blueberry cheesecake 2 No bake blueberry cheesecake – side elevation

To tell you the truth, after a few rounds of making this, I dah muak makan, sebab gile sangat nak makan, asyik buat jer. I think I should stop making it for a while until I feel like eating it again.

And I finish about RM100 plus every time I make one…..so yeah…stop dulu…this dessert is very costly. Those petite grapes costed RM30!!

But you can give it a go and let me know how it goes.

Until then, have a happy week ahead peeps!

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