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Iphone pecah/retak

Wanna know what happened last 2 weekends?

This happened.

iphone retak

 Iphone retak/pecah

Which I can't blame Amar 100%. I was the one who is so used to giving him the phone to entertain himself with my phone when I needed time to bathe, eat etc. Nuff said.

Previously, the phone fell so many times and the last time it fell, the cover chipped at the sides. I promise myself to change the cover but I didn't have the time, plus I love my Hello Kitty cover, so I didn't change it.

Until, last 2 weekends when Amar wanted to play with it and as usual, I gave it to him after I put it in airplane mode. He somehow put it on my lap and it fell. I could hear the sound of the crack. The moment I saw it, I cried. Amar kept quiet. I think he was shocked to see me cry. My husband came and consoled me by asking me to change it with his's. He said to wait for ip5.

I put the cracked phone picture in instagram and immediately my cousin said there is a shop in e-curve that could repair iphones.

And so I went to the shop.

apple repair specialist - Apple Repair Specialist

The cost of the repair was RM490. Yeah, dats how I love my phone so much......Now Amar understands that he cannot play with my phone anymore.....