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‘Sundays’ in Bangsar Village II

Have you been here?

sundays bangsar village 2 Kedai Sundays in Bangsar Village II

The moment I saw it, I was wow wow!...(I lah, maybe orang lain tak just bear with my kejakunan in few more paragraphs below..)

What attracted me was the paper suitcase yang I dok mencari-cari di hujung sinin dan hujung sana....but the suitcase was a tea party set for kids and kitchen toys for kids. If I have a girl, I would definitely buy it....(yeke? sebab mahal nau).

tea party in a suitcase Tea party in a suitcase

Then, I saw wooden playkitchen and sink.

wooden play kitchen Wooden play kitchen and sink in Sundays

In front of it were wooden tricycles...(bertambah bersinar-sinar mataku)....tapi harga dia ya Allah....mahal giler...

wooden ride and tricycles Wooden tricycles and wooden rides

Next, I saw the Keep Calm Collection of wrapping papers, posters, notepads and macam-macam lagi...

keep calm notebooks Keep Calm notebooks and journals

Then my eyes just popped when I saw wooden letters (vintage style) memang the 'ultimate'lah...I rasa kalah Typo (sebab Typo is my current benchmark)....(but Typo has a lot of varieties)....There's only one type of letters here and one letter costs about RM79 ok!....Telan air liur jap....The moment I saw the letters, I automatically imagined a vintage cupboard/shelving...perfect for a vintage wedding set up.

vintage wooden letters Vintage wooden letters in Sundays

Washi tapes MT brand costs RM13 per roll here whereas in Isetan they cost just RM7.90 per roll (but there could be a million choices here whereas in Isetan KLCC is just an acrylic box of MT washi tapes available). Gambar MT washi tapes takde, but you know what I mean.

colourful ceramic cupcake holder Can you believe this cupcake holder costs RM989?

ceramic cakes - deco Ceramic cakes anyone?

Oh, there are many more cute stuffs and if I'm sitting down, I can fall off my chair anytime seeing the price tags.

bottle lamp

Creative bottle table lamps

glass jars and bottles in Sundays Giant storage bottles and apothecary jars

Oh oh the straws I kirim from US are now available here (but a pack of 25 stripey straws costs RM29!)....superexpensive!

paper straws have arrived in malaysia Paper straws have landed in Malaysia yaw!

If you love Typo and Iwannagohome you might like this shop. It’s a combination of deco/paper/things that are really cute and nice….Have fun shopping!