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Uniqlo x MT have arrived in Malaysia!

Ok, this post is a bit late considering that this collaboration has officially landed in Malaysia. As a fan of Masking Tape (MT), (yes I am...)...I was really happy when I knew that it was a hit in Japan sometime in May this year but was disappointed when I thought that it's gonna arrive here later ...(but better late than never).

What attracted me was the scarves. They were really cute!!

MT scarves at Uniqlo MT scarves in Uniqlo Malaysia

I bought one. This one:

MT scarf in Uniqlo MT scarf which I bought in Uniqlo Malaysia

IMG_2412 With Amar

But I didn't buy the shirts. I think the shirts that they have in Uniqlo stores here are not as attractive as the ones in Japan and UK. Maybe leftovers?'s possible but who knows right? Plus, you don't get a free MT tape here if you buy a shirt....sad but true…..I know because I asked….  

Uniqlo x MT shirts MT x Uniqlo shirts in Uniqlo KLCC

Nevertheless, I am happy with my purchase, considering that I can purchase my MTs in Isetan at RM7, I'm ok with that.