Malas dan Pandai Politik

Nak update blog, tapi malas...malas nak korbankan tido, malas nak tarik mouse, malas nak switch on buah epal kepada windows, malas nak edit dan watermark gambar...semua malas lah bak katanya. Maybe this is the time of the year when I just want to be malas, relax and and just don't do anything...boleh?

Well, that's not gonna happen...I have bills to pay, I have kids to look after and etc, life goes's how I should respond that matters, not keep on complaining aite? So, chin up Oleen!

Since I'm already here, let me tell you something about my kids...everyday when I get home early or late (depending on traffic) my husband bathed my kids and all prep up for dinner. So when I'm back, they're either on the ipad/iphone- oh I know!....or happily playing with their toys while waiting for me to feed them. They look like a pair of well mannered kids, duduk diam je, tak bergaduh dan tak bising. And let me tell you, everyday, when I come back, kalau takde drama memang tak sahlah dengan budak-budak ni...

Naluri ibu, bila kat opis rindu-rinduan kat anak, bila balik, hati masih berbunga-bunga, cium-cium ...tapi lepas 5 minit; "Amirrrrrrr!!! Kemas mainan ni"... sambil si Amar pulak "Nak ibu, nak ibu"...nak t**, nak t**...let me tell you, memang tak tenang. Kids are not all beds of roses ok, they can be nasty at times and always cheeky and cute but in my case, pandai politik.

Mana taknya, dalam tengah merengek-rengek menangis (yang kecik kena 'time out' sebab being so difficult (taknak makan, nak BF jer), my husband finished bathing and came out all confused with why suddenly the situation was out of control. Kata husband, "tadi elok je, kenapa bila you balik semua jadik macam ni?"...(sambil spray deodorant)..

Tiba-tiba Amir cakap "Hmmm wangi la deodorant abah, best bau dia"....and tiba-tiba jugak suara rengekan si kecil tadi bertukar jadik "angi!"

...aik?!...secara tiba-tiba.....

Macamana I tak cakap pandai politik? ...yang kecik pun pandai..sebab ikut abangnya....

Las Vacas Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL

The last time we went to Las Vacas was the one in Kelana know more, you can read Las Vacas Meat Shop, Kelana Jaya.
Now there’s a new Las Vacas situated in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur. It was officially opened for public on Sept 3, 2012. The restaurant layout and deco is soooo nice!...My family and I had a chance to dine-in in this new branch coz we celebrated my mother in-law's birthday here. Here's what we had:
Wedge salad Wedge Salad RM15
Beef wrap Beef Wrap RM18
IMG_2492 Spinach Soup RM5.50 with Garlic Bread RM4
Wagyu Burger Wagyu Burger 200g RM40
IMG_2488 Salmon fillet – can’t remember the price

IMG_2489 Ribeye Grass D RM58 ke?…tak sure la pulak…
Panna Cotta Panna Cotta RM13.80

Oh I’m so in love with the Panna Cotta…sangat sedappppppp!…..The ambiance of the restaurant was also relaxed and away from the hustle bustle of cars (keta lalu lalang je kat depan tuh)…tapi still tak rasa busy sangat pun. There’s a mini pond outside. The sound of water creates the calmness. The interior is modern + contemporary, perfect for family dinner. I love it!…
IMG_2500 Keep Calm and Beef it Up
My kiddos:
IMG_2494 Abang
IMG_2493 Angah
The new Las Vacas is situated in:
33 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL
+603-2181 5586/+6032161 5867

Orla Kiely x Uniqlo scarves are now in Malaysia!

Ok, so the day that I went to Uniqlo to get the MT scarves, (you can read Uniqlo x MT have arrived in Malaysia). Orla Kiely tees was already in stores but I was not into it. I was like..."if only they have it in scarves"....and after a few months, walla!.....just last week, Uniqlo released the Orly Kiely (scarves) and Uniqlo collaboration. I just cannot wait til weekend so today I rushed to the Uniqlo in Mid Valey to get my hands on the scarves.

Tudung Orla Kiely Orla Kiely x Uniqlo scarves (top rack) – Uniqlo Mid Valey City

Skarf Orla Kiely Orla Kiely x Uniqlo scarves (bottom rack) – Uniqlo Mid Valey City

Perdyyy huh?...………Go get yours now!

P/S: I can buy all colours in the same design but no, I kasi can korang gi beli...hehehehe...

P/SS: I’m waiting for Hello Kitty in Sephora…hehehehe…

Lubuk Lobster

Craving for lobster? Want to cook your own lobster? Don't know where to find one? ..(eh banyak lak soklan)....

Before I answer those questions for you, let me show my home cooked lobster first:

lobster chilli American Lobster Chilli

Wanna know where I got my lobster?…read on…

So last Sunday we went to Carboot-Shah-Alam-yang-langsung-dah-tak-macam-carboot-dah-tu. It used to be pure carboot in the 90s (I sound old)...



Anyway, while we were walking at the fish area, we passed Lubuk Lobster stall, with white background and a picture of a large orange lobster. Behind the stall, were 2 individuals clad in white t-shirt. The stall was very organised, with orange storage on one side and neatly decorated frame, t-shirts and caps on the other side. A very attractive stall. Attractive to the point that my husband and I stood slightly further from stall and we discussed how attractive it was....(boleh lak tengah-tengah jalan tu discuss pasal stall tu). I kept on telling my husband on how I love the branding of Lubuk Lobster while my husband kept on asking me whether I want to eat Lobster or not...hahhaha really kids, they layan je lah kitorang berdiskusi kat situ.

And so we approached the stall and I straight away complimented them. I mean why would you not...just look at their stall….very attractive combination of white and orange…..and because I love white too:

Lubuk lobster deco

Lubuk Lobster caps and discount vouchers

Luqman Lubuk lobster Luqman Lubuk Lobster and his team mate

The owner, Luqman Hakim said his business started out from his own cravings and interest in lobsters. Since then Lubuk Lobster was born and has been operating for more than 1 year now.

So basically Lubuk Lobster is selling two types of lobsters; the American Lobster (from North Atlantic Sea) and Canada Lobster. The difference is American lobster has claws (sepit) with decent flesh in it while the Canadian one doesn't have any flesh in its claws.

American and Canadian lobsterAmerican and Australian lobster - (yang kat gambar tu salah label, Canadian tu patutnya Australian) 

Lubuk lobster banner With the Lubuk Lobster team

pegang american lobster Pegang lobster dulu sebelum beli

The price is RM12 per 100 grams and you will get 20% discount if you join their mailing list.

So, how do you clean a lobster? We had no idea. We Youtubed and so apparently you just need to brush the shell and wash under running water…fine. And then get this, there's one where the lobster is still breathing and the guy just cucuk bawah dia...I can't look at it....lepas dia cucuk, keluar apa ntah...macam air. Ok, so we didn't do that. We fried the lobster first and let it cool before we cut the middle and took out some black stuff (I guess itu dia punya kotoran-kotoran la kot....)

The flesh is like crab but more elastic. Crabs flesh are softer….but lobsters are ok, I would definitely buy again tapi takleh selalu la koyak poket kang….and my dad said there’s a type of lobster that eats human liver….I hope Luqman of Lubuk Lobster is aware of some lobsters that we cannot eat.

So, in conclusion, why must you go to a fancy restaurant or a hotel just to eat a lobster when you can cook it at home?...Just buy it from Lubuk Lobster and cook...your style...I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Tips: Cook immediately unless you have a deep freezer and don’t ever microwave the lobster coz the flesh would melt if you microwave it.

You can visit their FB page Lubuk Lobster for more updates and contact details.

Jelly Bunny in KLCC

A hybrid of Jelly Beans and Hunny Bunny…..

Hehehe..I’m just joking…

Attention shoe lovers! Jelly Bunny is a new shoe shop in town yawl! Situated just beside Tong Pak Fu on the Concourse floor (opposite Uniqlo, walk from Isetan towards Candylicious) I reckon this would be the new craze….(will it make the pitch again?? A blast in the past, from the 80s??)…we’ll see….

jelly bunny klcc2 Jelly Bunny KLCC

At first I thought the shoes are made of real ‘jelly’. They smell exactly like jelly beans ok. Sniffing them just confirmed to my hypothesis….hihi….Silly me, I was too excited about the jelly thing and told my friends that the shoes are made of jelly… friends sniffed my shoes too…(sorry gals). In actual fact, the shoes are made of jelly rubber and it’s from Thailand. It is purportedly to be soft and flexible and will not cause blisters.

Let’s see what they have in store:

jelly bunny - olga bow Jelly Bunny Olga Bow

 jelly bunny hearts - bruna Jelly Bunny Bruna

jelly bunny livia Jelly Bunny Livia

IMG_2613 Top and middle: Teresa, Bottom: Daniela

jelly bunny - isabela Jelly Bunny Isabela

colourful jelly bunny shoes Larissa and Bruna

jelly bunny alice Jelly Bunny Alice

Now let’s see what I bought:…(heheh)

jelly bunny klcc promotion-tile Jelly Bunny promotion: Buy 2 free 1 (until 14 Oct 2012 only)

I would say my current favourite is Monica (the brown one – the free one)….The least favourite would be Livia for the most annoying reason; it makes sounds when I walk…..even louder when I’m in a hurry. I think it is purely because of the air that is trapped in the shoes and as I walk, the air rushes out…(ntah betul ntah tidak reason i nih)…kinda like baby toy yg bunyi-bunyi tu……but it could be another one of my hypothesis…huhu…

Some of the shoes not in the store, only in the catalog: (but prolly will arrive soon)…

Jelly BUnny Kate Jelly Bunny Kate

Jelly Bunny - Elis and Lola Jelly Bunny Lola and Elis

I was fortunate to experience the official launch and ‘crash’ the private function (coz only media was invited – they also get a goody bag)…No, I don’t represent any media (I wish I do), I mean they can’t be so rigid about it right?..they let me in and then I became like a 5 year old in a candy store. The Jelly Bunny private function was also complete with finger foods and cupcakes!

jelly bunny klcc Very colourful jelly shoes with balloons everywhere!

jelly bunny shoes Cupcake tower in Jelly Bunny

jelly bunny klcc - front People at the Jelly Bunny private function

jelly bunny shopping bag Got get your Jelly Bunny now

Jelly Bunny is situated at Lot C15D, Concourse floor, KLCC

Tel: 03 - 2162 0466

FB page: jellybunnyshoes

Oh most important point is the shoes really will not cause blisters. This is the first time in my history of buying shoes. Normally by now my feet would be covered with handyplast. 

I think somebody should make me a media now….I’m up at 2 am just to finish this entry…..see how persistent I am…hihihi…

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