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Luv Sierra Butik Kafe, Bangsar South

Haaa…baru ada mood sikit nak berblogging….memang malas gile before this. So, since I’m not that sleepy tonight, I guess I’ll just blog about a new eating place that I discovered recently…ok?….

I knew about this cafe from a lady whom I met during a workshop for work.....She is a Shariah Officer in a takaful company. A very nice and a friendly lady. We got chatty when we found out that we have something in common; lunch in Bangsar South....hahah. The usuals here are Balifeel and Snowflakes (which I wrote about some time ago). She suggested to try Luv Sierra Butik Cafe as something new....and she said the Nasi Goreng Kampung here is tasty!

IMG_2861 Luv Sierra 

And so I went there with my colleagues. I was happy that there is finally something different to look forward to (you know the feeling when it's near to noon and the 1 milion question pops out; "Where are we having lunch?" Memang dah takde idea dah nak lunch kat mana. So, masuk-masuk je kitorang terus duduk and tengok menu.

Luv Sierra menu Luv Sierra - Menu

After we ordered, I jalan-jalan dalam kedai tu sambil tunggu makanan sampai. There are a lot of clothes, accessories, and cute-cute stuffs. Suka!

IMG_2844 Necklaces

IMG_2845 Accessories

IMG_2854 Tops

IMG_2851 Tudung pun ada

IMG_2848 Ada sale when we went there - all dresses this rack are just RM40

 IMG_2853 More accessories

IMG_2858 Baju for kids pun ada


IMG_2850 Inside Luv Sierra Butik Cafe

The food:

IMG_2856 Nasi Goreng Kampung set RM10

IMG_2857 Meehoon Singapore

IMG_2872 Nasi Lemak set – can’t remember the price

If you have time, come visit the cafe, they have RVs, rainbow cakes, brownies with ice-cream and bread puddings as well....

IMG_2874 Brownies with Ice Cream

IMG_2855 Pavlova RM10 per slice – which is ok, not bad at all!

Luv sierra is situated in G8, Ground Floor, The sphere, Bangsar South. 

IMG_2860 Luv Sierra Butik Cafe

Tapi, satu je masalahnya, baju/tudung/rambut akan berbau masakan bila makan kat sini…..but, you can always sit outside….For more information, visit their FB page at LuvSierra.


azzamoro said…
jom kite lunch kt sini nanti? hehe
Almiraz said…
Azzamoro: Jomm...boleh saja..heheh..
update la blogggggggg

Almiraz said…
Azzamoro: Hahhaha...nothing interesting in our lives so far...tapi adala 2 citer..cuma belum karang je lagi...