Luv Sierra Butik Kafe, Bangsar South

Haaa…baru ada mood sikit nak berblogging….memang malas gile before this. So, since I’m not that sleepy tonight, I guess I’ll just blog about a new eating place that I discovered recently…ok?….

I knew about this cafe from a lady whom I met during a workshop for work.....She is a Shariah Officer in a takaful company. A very nice and a friendly lady. We got chatty when we found out that we have something in common; lunch in Bangsar South....hahah. The usuals here are Balifeel and Snowflakes (which I wrote about some time ago). She suggested to try Luv Sierra Butik Cafe as something new....and she said the Nasi Goreng Kampung here is tasty!

IMG_2861 Luv Sierra 

And so I went there with my colleagues. I was happy that there is finally something different to look forward to (you know the feeling when it's near to noon and the 1 milion question pops out; "Where are we having lunch?" Memang dah takde idea dah nak lunch kat mana. So, masuk-masuk je kitorang terus duduk and tengok menu.

Luv Sierra menu Luv Sierra - Menu

After we ordered, I jalan-jalan dalam kedai tu sambil tunggu makanan sampai. There are a lot of clothes, accessories, and cute-cute stuffs. Suka!

IMG_2844 Necklaces

IMG_2845 Accessories

IMG_2854 Tops

IMG_2851 Tudung pun ada

IMG_2848 Ada sale when we went there - all dresses this rack are just RM40

 IMG_2853 More accessories

IMG_2858 Baju for kids pun ada


IMG_2850 Inside Luv Sierra Butik Cafe

The food:

IMG_2856 Nasi Goreng Kampung set RM10

IMG_2857 Meehoon Singapore

IMG_2872 Nasi Lemak set – can’t remember the price

If you have time, come visit the cafe, they have RVs, rainbow cakes, brownies with ice-cream and bread puddings as well....

IMG_2874 Brownies with Ice Cream

IMG_2855 Pavlova RM10 per slice – which is ok, not bad at all!

Luv sierra is situated in G8, Ground Floor, The sphere, Bangsar South. 

IMG_2860 Luv Sierra Butik Cafe

Tapi, satu je masalahnya, baju/tudung/rambut akan berbau masakan bila makan kat sini…..but, you can always sit outside….For more information, visit their FB page at LuvSierra.

4 scribz:

azzamoro said...

jom kite lunch kt sini nanti? hehe

Almiraz said...

Azzamoro: Jomm...boleh saja..heheh..

Moro For Tomorrow said...

update la blogggggggg


Almiraz said...

Azzamoro: Hahhaha...nothing interesting in our lives so far...tapi adala 2 citer..cuma belum karang je lagi...

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