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Something for Amir’s School’s Potluck Party

At first I thought of making fried beehoon but of course, some other moms would definitely bring this. I thought of spaghetti as well, but then it might be messy for the kids. Since I bought Wondermilk cuppies the last time, and the school reminded parents to bring ‘healthy’ food, I thought what could be healthier than home made tuna mayo and egg mayo sandwiches. Kan..? No? Takpelah, ni jelah yang I mampu buat. The sandwiches were topped with cute and colourful sandwich toppers. Macam ni:

IMG_2841 Sandwiches with cute toppers

IMG_2839 Cupcake/Sandwich toppers – designed by Almiroz

The night before I prepared everything from making the tuna, potong2 timun and tomato bagai (sebab aku ni ratu tido so takut terbabas esoknya kang kelam kabut pulak). Each student were also required to bring a gift to be exchanged with another friend. I didn’t have idea for the gift (coz Amir opened the supposed gift – sibuk nak main ngan walkie talkie Ben 10), so I just bought a box of Biskut Panda. That night, Amir designed and wrapped the gift, while I ironed his Baju Melayu.

IMG_2840 Handmade wrapping paper designed by Amir

The next morning, Amir was the one who woke us up, dia dah excited dan sekali lagi I yang kelam kabut coz terbabas tido. He helped to mix the mayo and put the filling to the bread. My aunty helped too.

Sampai sekolah I snapped his picture (coz sebelum ni asyik tak dapat; first time terlupa, second time I had to go to forum so I had to leave earlier).

IMG_2842 Mata tak leh bukak sebab silau

So son, this is a proof that I’ve tried to be ibu mithali…hehe…