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Shook, Starhill Gallery

This is the first time that I had a chance to dine in an exquisite place. My brother warned that a Carbonara can cost RM50 so don't tell me i didn't warn you on how expensive the food is here. But, we wanted to have a change from our normal birthday dinner drill.

IMG_2912 Shook, Starhill Gallery

It was my mom’s birthday and my husband’s as well, and my brother’s passing of Part 1 of his Masters Medic…so basically we had a very good reason to spend a little more than usual. My kids were as usual, fun and chirpy but Amar didn’t want to sit in his stroller anymore. He insisted to walk from Lot 10 to Starhill. We parked in Lot 10 coz I HAD to go H&M….hehehehe….The weather on that Sunday night was nice, KL Bintang Walk was full of people…it’s like the city never sleeps.

When we reached there, we headed straight to Shook. After we ordered, Amar wanted to walk around so we walked around.


The food we had:

IMG_2928 Snow White Dancing Prawn RM59 - Stir fried prawns with hot mayonnaise sprinkled with honey glazed walnuts ….perghhh!!! Love this to bits!..recommended sangat-sangat

IMG_2926 Chicken Teppanyaki with Rice RM35 – ni pun sedap!….

IMG_2927 Carbonara RM46 - Linguini pasta in a creamy sauce with mushroom and beef bacon – not a fan of pastas so, yeah, it tasted like pasta

IMG_2922 From The Sea - Norwegian Salmon RM60 with Potato Cake RM15 – well, this was ok-ok jer…after looking at the menu book for almost 15 good minutes, I still cannot decide on what to eat so I settled with this salmon

IMG_2915 Chocolate Fondue RM40 - Pure 64% dark chocolate couverture fondue served with fruits, marshmallows and cookies – oh this was the first thing that I ordered…hahahah

New york Cheesecake RM26 – birthday cake     

There were many other food but tak sempat nak snap, my phone was running on a very extremely low battery plus, the quality of pictures deteriorated or what….gambar tak sharp…whatever lah. We had a fun time and what was even fun, CIMB cardholders get 20% off on the final bill. Lets just say the next day I had a RM5 mix rice….and this will continue until I get my salary…hahahah…(but my husband and brother chip in after that…hehehe)…

The service was excellent. Will I go again? Yes definitely! (if ada orang belanja lar…hihihi)


Mohammad Alias said…
memang best....cuma takleh selalu...mahal!!!