Scarlet White Reunion Potluck Party

What happens when ex-college/uni mates meet up? A whole load of laughter and fun!..hheheheh....

It all started when an old college mate posted pictures of her food in FB via her 'My Daring Kitchen Album'...and usually most of us (friends) will 'like' and give comments....I too, drooled over her pictures. I always 'like' her pictures and kept on asking when I could taste her food...heheh. Finally, (after I bugged her a few times), we managed to find time and jointly organised this reunion potluck party. It was fun!...Considering some of us haven't met for more than 10 years!

My husband and I (through Sweetalmiraz) helped to make the tent cards, flower poms and sponsored the goody bags. You can view our design at Sweetalmiraz blog here.

Haaa…this is the pavlova that I was talking about…..cun dan sedap!….Kudos to Emmy for this…

DSC_0107 Emmy Tulips Pavlova

DSC_0095 Anin’s Banana Creme Pie

DSC_0081 Dot’s Shepherd’s Pie

DSC_0087 Jul’s Coconut Jelly and above: Durian Crepe


DSC_0093 This was also made by Emmy…Emmy’s shortbreads

DSC_0085 Buah pala

Actually, there’s more but some of the pictures tak cantik…I just don’t know how to adjust the potrait lense…(duh).

DSC_0104 One for the album: Us in Scarlet white (but two of us were out of the theme…)…heheh

I hope that we can meet up again, especially with others who couldn't make it. Soon....Insyaallah.

2013: The Official Birth of Sweet Almiraz

Since we are still in January, maybe it's not too late to have resolutions?..or is it too late?...heheh...
But whatever it is, I remembered that last year I had a 'tinggggg' popped over my head (you can read about it in 2012 Here I Come).....that 'tinggg' did realised in 2012 and now for 2013, my husband and I are pushing it further, commercialising 'Sweet Almiraz'.


Business Card


Facebook page: Search for Sweetalmiraz

Instagram: sweetalmiraz


So if you are interested in party planning, designs and events, we can help to design the printables for you, organise your party, aqiqah or any other themed party. If you want us to design a badge, t-shirt, cards, biz cards or anything, we at Sweet Almiraz can do it for you. Just e-mail us at to know more.

As for resolutions, I think I want to concentrate more on this new venture of ours.

I also have another venture; translation. Yes, you might not know this but I am a certified translator (certified with Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia). I can translate English - Malay – English. I know that sounds easy peasy but translation is a technical work, it requires some knowledge and experience and I had to sit for an exam, so its quite technical (although somebody in my office thinks its an ‘admin’ job)….pfffft. 

So if you have documents or official documents or website that needs to be translated and certified, I can do it for you. My rate is negotiable depending on the document. I specialise in Islamic finance, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business, Management Accounts.

Through my venture (with 2 lawyer friends), we can translate and certify your legal documents (for overseas or international government purposes). Just e-mail me at to know more.

I hope Insyaallah these ventures will be a fruitful one….which relates to things that I like to do most. Being creative and doing this party planning thing is now my passion. There, I’ve said it. I have never confessed anything else as my passion. Insyaallah this will lead to greater things in future.  


I never liked accessories. I used to wear them but everytime mesti ada leher yang gatal-gatal, pergelangan tangan merah sebab rashes, telinga yang gatal dan bernanah. Yes, memang takleh masuk ah dengan accessories nih….so, memang tak pakai and bila pakai pun just rantai emas, gelang emas and emas-emas….and I don’t like emas kuning. So end up tak pakai. Dengan anak-anak lagi, memang takleh nak vogue sangat sebab kejap lagi nak kena dukung la, kena tarikla…silap-silap habis terkirai accessories I kang…Tulah citernya. But recently, because of a colleague – eyedura ( yang suka pakai accessories to work, I pulak dah jadik terikut-ikut dah ni).
So now, everytime keluar mesti singgah Diva, F21, Chic Chic (in Paradigm Mall) and Lovisa. Just recently, I went to Lovisa (both in Setia City Mall and Paradigm Mall). Lovisa ni Aussie mari hoi. Memang best sangat accessories kat situ, tapi harganya mahal yang amat. Bayangkan satu cincin je dah RM40. Gila ke apa. So, harus je lah tengok-tengok and kalau berkenan betul-betul je baru beli. Yang bestnya Lovisa ni semua aksesori disusun mengikut warna. Senang je kalau nak carik, just ikut tema apa kita nak pakai.
Lovisa accesories heaven Lovisa in Setia City Mall
Lovisa red collection Lovisa red collection
Lovisa rings Lovisa rings – skulls are so ‘in’ today, but I tak minat skulls
Lovisa Lovisa mix colours
Lovisa blue collection Lovisa blue collection
Lovisa pink collection Lovisa pink collection
Lovisa packaging Bought meself a Lovisa necklace – as a reward for putting up with work…hahahahha
Belum tahap mampu lagi nak borong accessories kat Lovisa ni. Setakat ni I like Diva more coz they always have promotions and sales. But of course, the accessories in Lovisa are more variety compared to Diva. Cuma harga dan poket  je tak mengizinkan.
Oh, and the current promotion in Diva is get an accessories holder (a white/black bird cage jewellery wall stand at just RM14.50 when you purchase a normal priced item. I bought it sebab rasa rimas (macmla banyak accessories pun). But I like it a lot. I tak snap gambar pun sebab accessories yang ada pun tak semenggah…hehe..but it looks exactly like this:
White Birdcage Jewellery Wall StandPicture from
Disebabkan tak banyak accessories, now I feel like adding more!… birthday is coming soon….. Pssstt KMel, post satu dari Melben leh?…Sana mesti murah kot (kot je…and btw I’m just joking ye KMel…..heheheh)
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