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2013: The Official Birth of Sweet Almiraz

Since we are still in January, maybe it's not too late to have resolutions?..or is it too late?...heheh...
But whatever it is, I remembered that last year I had a 'tinggggg' popped over my head (you can read about it in 2012 Here I Come).....that 'tinggg' did realised in 2012 and now for 2013, my husband and I are pushing it further, commercialising 'Sweet Almiraz'.


Business Card


Facebook page: Search for Sweetalmiraz

Instagram: sweetalmiraz


So if you are interested in party planning, designs and events, we can help to design the printables for you, organise your party, aqiqah or any other themed party. If you want us to design a badge, t-shirt, cards, biz cards or anything, we at Sweet Almiraz can do it for you. Just e-mail us at to know more.

As for resolutions, I think I want to concentrate more on this new venture of ours.

I also have another venture; translation. Yes, you might not know this but I am a certified translator (certified with Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia). I can translate English - Malay – English. I know that sounds easy peasy but translation is a technical work, it requires some knowledge and experience and I had to sit for an exam, so its quite technical (although somebody in my office thinks its an ‘admin’ job)….pfffft. 

So if you have documents or official documents or website that needs to be translated and certified, I can do it for you. My rate is negotiable depending on the document. I specialise in Islamic finance, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business, Management Accounts.

Through my venture (with 2 lawyer friends), we can translate and certify your legal documents (for overseas or international government purposes). Just e-mail me at to know more.

I hope Insyaallah these ventures will be a fruitful one….which relates to things that I like to do most. Being creative and doing this party planning thing is now my passion. There, I’ve said it. I have never confessed anything else as my passion. Insyaallah this will lead to greater things in future.