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Amir and the Cockroaches Birthday Party

His current favourite cartoon show (together with Baby Tunes, Finn and Gumball).....but he chose this as the theme. I think it's a bit yucky but I don't see anything wrong with only get to be 6 once and he's currently in this Tom and Jerry/Oggy/Back Kom phase.

I decided to hold his birthday party in school because it's gonna be his final year in school, plus we already had a big birthday party last year (with bouncy castle everything) which you can read last year’s party at Amir’s Batman themed Party.


Standing sign by Sweetalmiraz

So this year we toned down a bit. I ordered his birthday cake from Zurina cakes. I would say it's an awesome cake, the best so far. You can view her page here.

DSC_0126 Oggy and the Cockroaches birthday party themed cake

I also never fail to order cookies from my favourite baker. Love her cookies! So tidy and tasty!

DSC_0128 Oggy and the Cockroaches themed cookies

Me and hubby (through Sweetalmiraz), prepared the pintables, cookie labels and goody bag. You can view them at our Sweetalmiraz blog; Oggy and the Cockroaches Birthday Party.

The deco is just simple, not fancy but the food is yummy...

IMG_3244 Food and snacks at Amir’s birthday

DSC_0155 Teacher pun bagi hadiah

Happy Birthday Darling Amir!…ini yang ibu boleh kasi kat Amir…xoxo


Mohammad Alias said…
tak sangka pulak ramai budak-budak kecik yang tahu kartun Oggy and the Cockroaches...hehehe
Almiraz said…
Alias: Jangan budak, orang tua pun tahu friends ramai yg tau..
Anonymous said…
oh my..i was thinkg to use theme for my girl's brthday party..randomly google n found yr cute!!
Almiraz said…
Anon: Thanks! If you want to order the printables or set up a candy buffet, we can make it for you. I already have in mind how a girl's Oggy theme would look like...heheheh....E-mail me at