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DIY Cake Stand

I am crazy about cake stands!...especially the colourful ones. So after I rummaged through my mother-in-law's cupboard, I found 2 old steel trays and a fancy glass (and of course with her permission, I took them..), I decided this is the perfect time to do a DIY cake stand!...(notice the exclamation mark, too excited there)...

Of course, with some research, I managed to read about the how-tos and find the perfect primer and colour to suit my preference (actually I nak purple or light pink tapi takde la pulak).

Metal primer in Malaysia Metal primer (rust free) and colour spray (code 26). I think you can get them at any DIY shops.

I didn't take a proper picture for the instructions. Silly me. But maybe you can see them in these pictures of Amar which my husband took (with my hand in the background).....:p

First, I sand the surface of the tray, just to smoothen the rusty bits. Then I used a heavy duty glue and attached the glass to the tray (I did it upside down so that I know that it's right at the centre). Then I leave it to dry for a day (I put something on top just to give it some pressure, nothing too heavy but something just the right weight).

DIY cake stand I placed the glass in the middle to ensure that it is in the middle of the steel plate

DIY cake stand - glue Apply heavy duty glue to the edges of the stand – I used old glass (tengokla Amar buat muka cheeky dia)

DIY cake stand 1 Place the glass in the middle – upside down so that you know it’s in the middle of the plate

When its attached, I sprayed it with the primer and leave it to dry for another half day. When the primer dried, I sprayed the desired colour. I had to wait for the top part to dry (it took a day) and then I sprayed the remaining parts the day after….errr…actually my husband helped me to spray the primer and the colour…I nak buat tapi banyak kerja rumah pulak nak buat…heheheh….(I mean…. I made lunch and tidied up so….)

DIY cake stand- halfway done Halfway sprayed mint cake stand

The result, is a DIY cake stand!

Cookies on DIY cake stand Cookies on a cake stand

Of course, I cannot put cake/food on top (because of the paint/chemical thing), so I used a doilie on the surface and put wrapped  cookie. You can also do this DIY stand to stash your jewellery....I love this DIY!