Pengalaman Cerai Susu Badan

Hi semua!

Terlalu banyak benda yang nak diblogkan tapi tak sempat...most of the time I'm either sleeping, do my Sweetalmiraz thing or catching up with my Vampire Diaries, HIMYM and Revenge episodes...hehehe...(ini pada waktu malam ye, sebab siang I still have a day job, go through traffic jams what not... yada yada)

So basically kali ni saja nak cerita and simpan in blog about how Amar (my second son) cerai susu badan. He is now 2 years and 4 months and can you believe it, he's only stopped bf since last week? Selepas pelbagai cara (takdela pelbagai sangat just tak bagi and then episod menangis, dahla i tak pandai hati kering) - so biasalah naluri ibu, mesti nak carik cara nak solve problem, so Google and found out about jaddam.

Apakah jaddam itu? I pun taktau sebab tak sempat beli. Meanwhile I asked my SIL (KMel) on how to do this cerai susu thing. She said just apply asam jawa and see the results.

So I tried. I letak asam jawa (normal time, iaitu time nak tido)...then bagi kat dia. Suddenly I heard Amar said "butuk! butuk!" (busuk)....sungguh I tak tahan nak tergelak dengar his remarks...I calmed myself down and pura-pura tanya kenapa sayang?...Then, he said "pegi basuh tangan"....lagilah I tergelak besar memang tak cover punya.....maybe he was trying to ask me to wash it or something...but he said tangan instead of was soooo funny!

After that he turned away. Masa ni I dah sedih lak, sebab menyusu baby ni sesuatu yang amat special. But he's a toddler now so memang I have to let go. Then I offered him lagi sekali lagi. He said "taknak, manis". And that was it until now.

Once in a while I asked whether he wants it or not but he refused and said it's manis....maybe what he meant to say is masam, but he just picked that word, you know.

So that's the story. Funny and menarik sebab time Amir dulu tak camni. Masa Amir dulu I just told him that he can't breastfeed anymore since he's already starting to talk (he was 2 at that time). And he was ok. Amar ni lain fact setiap anak tu berbeza and setiap budak tu berbeza. Tak boleh nak generalise the whole age group....and in terms of solutions, sometimes it's not the 'one size fits all' thing.

Now I'm happy that he just sleeps without bf and I can sleep throughout the night. Bila dia terbangun tu, dia merengek sikit and then tido sendiri terus. Bila dia mintak susu, it's my husband's time to wake up and make the milk for him........heheheheeh

IMG_3499 Muka budak dah tak ‘tap’ (hisap)…bercelak lak tu…ni tokwan dia punya keje la ni

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