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"This isn't goodbye, this is finding our way..." - Tyler Lockwood, Vampire Diaries

Wah bermadah finally my friend flew to States, leaving us feeling sad...but it's for a better future...yes, it is...insyaallah...She has been a very good friend and a very smart and approachable superior. She always gives guidance and set her expectations before she ask me to start on a write up........unlike certain people who just gives instructions and after that expects whatever that I'm doing will meet their expectations, and when it doesn't, will re-do everything. Tell me how can I learn? huh?.....ok, enough of that.Anyway, my friends and I wrote our hearts out in this small book that I bought from flea market. It's a local brand called Mossery. The notebooks are too cute, not girly-girly type cute but simple-and-nice cute. The colours appeal to girls and guys. My husband loves their notebooks as well.Using polaroid that I have, we suka-suka snap muka sendiri and tampal kat sini....with our wishes. Well, office gave a card to her but of cou…

Specs Hello Kitty

Lama dah carik spek hello kitty nih sejak tgk Kak mel sefamili pakai masa raya tahun lepas (2012)….

Cute kan spek tu?…I carik, tapi takdela carik bersungguh-sungguh sangat. So, when I need it most, memang masa tu lah takde stock, mahal.. yada yada....tetiba rasa nak beli semua kalau terjumpa...hahahaSo I went to Sunway Pyramid. Ada jual. It was RM12 each. Bolehla kan...The thing about this specs is that it can only suit certain people. Like my friend here, she looks sad when she wears it (jangan marah ye Su)…you are always happy and an awesome friend… *blows kiss…Yang ni pulak, really suits her well….. So, yeah. In addition to the Hello Kitty specs, I also bought a specs with this kinda flash thing at the sides. Amar loves it so much he even left it on while he was sleeping :pAmar sleeping with the flash specs onAnd yang ni pun style baru kot. Perfect for photo booth pictures.Diorang ni memang takleh sit still bila nak tangkap gambar…whateverlahI like this quirky things. There's…