Specs Hello Kitty

Lama dah carik spek hello kitty nih sejak tgk Kak mel sefamili pakai masa raya tahun lepas (2012)….

Family Myra

Cute kan spek tu?…I carik, tapi takdela carik bersungguh-sungguh sangat. So, when I need it most, memang masa tu lah takde stock, mahal.. yada yada....tetiba rasa nak beli semua kalau terjumpa...hahaha

So I went to Sunway Pyramid. Ada jual. It was RM12 each. Bolehla kan...The thing about this specs is that it can only suit certain people. Like my friend here, she looks sad when she wears it (jangan marah ye Su)…you are always happy and an awesome friend… *blows kiss…


Yang ni pulak, really suits her well…..


So, yeah.

In addition to the Hello Kitty specs, I also bought a specs with this kinda flash thing at the sides. Amar loves it so much he even left it on while he was sleeping :p

IMG_3406 Amar sleeping with the flash specs on

And yang ni pun style baru kot. Perfect for photo booth pictures.

IMG_3503 Diorang ni memang takleh sit still bila nak tangkap gambar…whateverlah

I like this quirky things. There's even a giant specs in Pyramid....kat kedai yang jual costumed party things.....awesome. Tapi tak beli pulak....ehhh...I think I should go buy, kang tak jumpa mulalah meroyan pulak.....  

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