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Shoprite, Bangsar

Missin' UK products? (for those who used to stay there). Or Ozzie's?......Or Philippines? Fret not. Shoprite is here. In Bangsar. Picture taken from Shoprite Facebook pageLocated just behind TMC, Shoprite has a variety of foreign products, not found in any other normal supermarkets (maybe? I haven't done a thorough research yet).Shoprite sign boardThe isles are divided into products from UK, Australia, Philippines, and Rest of the world. Sadly no products from Japan, but I think maybe its because there are already a variety of Japanese stores around here.....maybe that's why.Shoprite – Australian isleShoprite – Filipino isleShoprite – Scottish biscuits (reminds me of the Royal Mile – biskut ni penuh kat tepi jalan)Shoprite – UK isleShoprite – Walkers SensationBut I still can't find my precious Walkers Thai Sweet Chilli yang I idam-idamkan dari hari tu.I just bought these: (sebab taktau nak beli apa…hahahha….9 tahun lama wooo dah tak ingat sgt apa yg best, tapi kala…

Wondermilk’s 8th Cuppacakes Show

All hail to Wondermilk's cuppies!!...and Wondermilk were giving them away for FREE...yes, it was free the whole day on 30 March 2013. It was the 8th Cuppacakes Show at Wondermilk + Hello Deer in Uptown y’all.Love the signboard!And not just that, they had loads of FREE samples of Kopi Cap Rusa and Kopi Beruang. Even though I don't drink coffee, I just wanna get hold of the bottles! and I think everyone else had the same idea. The queue to purchase the bottled coffee and other food and beverage on that day was really long!....Kopi bannerThere were a lot of other awesome stuffs as well! Wondermilk never fails to impress me (and I think not just me, everyone out there of course!)When we reached there, I got little excited and didn't know where to start first (free cuppies? artsyattic shawls?, Kopi Rusa? or the Wondermilk's famous burgers?). I tried the was ergh...(I don't drink coffee, remember?).Then we headed to the Cupcake decorating area where my sons h…