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Shoprite, Bangsar

Missin' UK products? (for those who used to stay there). Or Ozzie's?......Or Philippines? Fret not. Shoprite is here. In Bangsar.

534420_491509400861286_994293499_n Picture taken from Shoprite Facebook page

Located just behind TMC, Shoprite has a variety of foreign products, not found in any other normal supermarkets (maybe? I haven't done a thorough research yet).

Shoprite signboard Shoprite sign board

The isles are divided into products from UK, Australia, Philippines, and Rest of the world. Sadly no products from Japan, but I think maybe its because there are already a variety of Japanese stores around here.....maybe that's why.

Shoprite - Australian isle Shoprite – Australian isle

Shoprite- Filipino isle Shoprite – Filipino isle

Shoprite - Scottish biscuits Shoprite – Scottish biscuits (reminds me of the Royal Mile – biskut ni penuh kat tepi jalan)

Shoprite UK isle Shoprite – UK isle

Walkers, Doritos, Twiglets Shoprite – Walkers Sensation

But I still can't find my precious Walkers Thai Sweet Chilli yang I idam-idamkan dari hari tu.

I just bought these: (sebab taktau nak beli apa…hahahha….9 tahun lama wooo dah tak ingat sgt apa yg best, tapi kalau best pun mahal of course).


Not exactly two-bite, more like four bites per brownie/macaron….and 0 trans-fat tu jangan memain. This was RM4.30 each so that makes approx RM1+ each. So precious!

Shoprite Speciality Grocer is at Ground Floor, 38, Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, Bangsar