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Wondermilk’s 8th Cuppacakes Show

All hail to Wondermilk's cuppies!!...and Wondermilk were giving them away for FREE...yes, it was free the whole day on 30 March 2013. It was the 8th Cuppacakes Show at Wondermilk + Hello Deer in Uptown y’all.

Hello Deer signboardLove the signboard!

And not just that, they had loads of FREE samples of Kopi Cap Rusa and Kopi Beruang. Even though I don't drink coffee, I just wanna get hold of the bottles! and I think everyone else had the same idea. The queue to purchase the bottled coffee and other food and beverage on that day was really long!....

IMG_3734 Kopi banner

There were a lot of other awesome stuffs as well! Wondermilk never fails to impress me (and I think not just me, everyone out there of course!)

When we reached there, I got little excited and didn't know where to start first (free cuppies? artsyattic shawls?, Kopi Rusa? or the Wondermilk's famous burgers?). I tried the was ergh...(I don't drink coffee, remember?).

Then we headed to the Cupcake decorating area where my sons had a great time decorating their cuppies.

cupcake decorating booth sign Love this sign too!

IMG_3737 Concentrate betul nih…


Seen here is my second son (known as the little Batman by some patrons). It was his first time so he was a little excited.


So, since the cuppies were free and prolly free flow till 10 pm, I decided to queue first, think later...err I mean, my husband queued first, and we can grab the free cuppies later. While my husband was queuing, my sons spent their time at Wondermilk's kids area.

IMG_3738 Love Wondermilk’s play area

IMG_3761 The wall at Wondermilk’s Kids Area

IMG_3731 Abang dah expert ABC so sempat ajar adik pulak kat situ

IMG_3725 Abang posing one for the camera

So when we were finally at the counter, I took a snap at the cuppies...mmm yummm...

cuppacakes Mmmmmm…Wondermilk’s cuppies

Ok. The burgers were also a hit. Just look at the poster.

wondermilk burger fest banner Tengok banner Wondermilk, terus nak beli burger

Our order: Burger Semut. Nicely done......sedap and comel so tak rasa muak.

burger semut wondermilk Wondermilk’s Burger Semut

We didn't spend much time there sebab panas and ramai orang (itupun I was there awal like 1230 pm)....

Lastly, after buying some shawls from Arty Attic, we also bought a fridge magnet from Cufica. This is one special magnet. It’s a cut out metal.

cufica dsplay Display at Cufica’s stall 

As a conclusion, I love Wondermilk's cuppies and their amazing ideas!..suka sangat!…..Lastly, a picture of my favourite bottles right now.

IMG_3733 Kopi Rusa and Kopi Beruang