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Fancy Nasi Lemak

Whaddaya know...there is a new type of nasi lemak in town yaw'll!...It's Fancy Nasi Lemak created by Hafidzmoro (Azzamoro's husband).

What's so special about this nasi lemak? Well, apart from being tasty, it's packaging is a creative way ofputting something so simple back in the spotlight. It's what Hafidz said, to put colours in our lives....

Check out the neon colour packaging.

fancy nasi lemak Fancy Nasi Lemak by Hafidzmoro

The best part is, the sambal ikan bilis is separated from the rice so you can keep it until end of the day (in my case, I had it again at 6 pm, bought it at 9 am). Rasa dan bau still ok. I'm impressed. There's a 3 quarter cut egg inside and that's it. If you fancy your nasi lemak with fried peanuts, or fried egg, you can buy or fry it at home and have it together with this 'ohsem nasi lemak in town'.

fancy nasi lemak - insideFancy Nasi Lemak - inside

So if you dig nasi lemak and neon colours, try this Fancy Nasi Lemak, it's only RM1 each. They deliver too. Check out their FB/Fancy Nasi Lemak to see where they deliver.

fancy nasi lemak 2

Until then, have a colourful day ahead!