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Food Foundry, Section 17 PJ

We went to Food Foundry on a Sunday, a day normally spent in a shopping mall....something different from our normal routine. It was quite difficult to find the place as we didn't expect it to be where it is. PJ used to be my childhood place, so somehow or rather I would think that I would want to find the place ( ironic that I got lost when finding it).

The deco of Food Foundry is simple but with a character. I love the louvres in front and the font used for the sign.

IMG_4009Food Foundry Entrance

IMG_4015 Kids were bored or tired, I’m not sure…ibunya yang excited lebih nak berjalan

The fact that the chairs in the place are mixed up for each table may disturb certain OCD individuals. But hey, we're here to eat so I think that's secondary lah.....

We ordered Kungfu Kuew Teow (comes with cili potong- yummmss) and Aglio Olio. The kids shared with us. Too bad there's no kids' menu.


The Aglio Olio tasted ok but if only they put at least 2 prawns, my life would be sooooo much better. There were no prawns at all!..Nothing...kosong...nada...I have never in my life, eaten a plain aglio olio. Never.

The Food Foundry is famous for its various types of Mille Crepes so it would be a waste if we didn't try any of them,


To me, the crepe is ok, tastes the same with the one I had in Humble Beginnings....seriously nothing special....(but maybe coz I didn't try the Salted Caramel crepe)...hmmmm...maybe that's why..... 

IMG_3943 Food Foundry’s most famous deco




My husband loves the area there.


That building there reminded me of the movie Dark Water instead...hoh!…..Food Foundry is at SS17/13.


chazalle said…
this is so coollllllllllllll!

tapi xde anak boy nak digayakan... heheheh...