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Joe’s 47500 Barbershop and Kitchen

Yo yo wazzup yaw'll?...How's your week?...Hehehe...

Last Saturday we went to Joe's 47500 Barbershop to get a haircut...errr..for my Amir and my husband....(Amar is still small, plus he can't sit still so he just tagged along).

Joe's 47500 Barbershop  Joe’s 47500 Barbershop SS 15 Subang

Joe's business hours Joe’s Barbershop business hours

Joe's signboard Joe’s Barber – Prices for Cut and Shave

Joe's Easy Rider Joe’s Easy Rider

Old Phone at Joe's Vintage radio at Joe’s Barbershop

Old radio at Joe's Barber Another vintage radio at Joe’s Barbershop

We reached there about 1 o-clock and it was good that there were not many patrons yet. We headed straight to the Kitchen to fill up before having our hair cut. I won't be having a haircut, so I was busy taking pictures here and there.

We ordered Pepperoni pizza and Joe's Chilli Dog. For drinks, we ordered ice lemon tea, soya bean and I ordered iced latte...(wondered why I ordered this coz i don't drink coffee)...anyway, nasib baik sedap iced latte tu.

Joe's Pizza Joe’s Pepperoni Pizza RM19

Joe's Kitchen Menu Joe’s Kitchen Menu

DSC_0067 Joe’s Chilli Dog


Amar approves Joe's Pizza Amar approves the pizza

Being in Joe's Barbershop is like being in a Barbershop in the States (not that I've been there, the nearest I've seen would be from the idiot box). I love the set up and the barbers looked so hip hop and cool!....

Amir Before Amir: Before


Amar with Ariana Amar met Ariana while waiting for our turn

Both Amir and my husband had the back of their head a 'blocked nape' (nasib bukan snape). A 'blocked nape' is just a straight cut behind. Both of them also had their hair side parted and a 'taper cut'. A 'Taper cut' is when the hair gradually smoothens from one length to another, so that the thickness of the hair won't be abrupt; from short to long.


Amir masa potong rambut


Amir after Amir: After

Joe's Barber Tools

Wanna know the secret to the handsome look? It's the Suaverico. Made in the US of A (from California). It's waterbased so your hands won't be greasy after you apply it to your hair.

Suavecito  Suavecito – Made in the USA

Get it Hombre

Kids nowadays and gadget Kids and gadgets

With Joe's hairstylist A picture with their hairstylist

Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to meet Joe Flizzow himself that day but we saw his younger brother and his dad. Before we knew that was his dad, we were admiring how stylo that old guy was. Of course he would be stylo, he's Joe Flizzow's dad!

Last but not least:

Great Work Aint CheapNuff said

So, if you guys are planning to have a haircut, head to Joe's 47500 Kitchen and Barbershop and your hair will never be same. It is at SS15/8B Subang Jaya, Selangor.


chazalle said…
rasa mcm silap post komen tadi.. ahahaha... nak cakap barber shop ni COOL...
Almiraz said…
chazalle: yo waddup..memang cool pon..
syafiqfauzi said…
Sebelum u guys datang call dulu x? Ke datang je terus?
Almiraz said…
Masa ni tak payah call sbb baru2 lagi..