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Sweetalmiraz’s first booth and public appearance

Nervous wreck.

Because I didn’t plan to join it. The decision was last minute, even my husband said it would be difficult as we didn’t prepare anything, nothing yet. But I guess, because I’m hard-headed, with a strong will (I hope) and the intention to introduce sweetalmiraz to public, my husband and I managed to pull it off. Even though, we were just selling a few diaper suitcase©, stickers, kek batik and ais krim Malaysia. Actually I planned to have a photobook (to show what we have done) but of course la tak sempat kan…

IMG_3988 My sis in law behind our booth

IMG_3994 Amir promoting the ais krim Malaysia

We had Milo, Ribena and watermelon ais krim Malaysia. I made asam boi ones but they didn’t harden on that day. Oh well….

Then there was kek batik.The kek batik was my sister-in-law’s idea. She’s been wanting to open a laksa stall together with my aunty but my aunty is not in her perfect health (you know laksa requires more time spent as compared to making kek batik). But both of them agreed to selling kek batik instead. The kek batik was a hit!!…they were selling like hotcakes!…even the ais krim Malaysia as well!. To order, please e-mail heheh

kek batik Kek Batik Che Dah

Well, since my biz already had its public appearance on 1 May 2013, this is my first public appearance in this blog (without having a watermark going over my face)….heheh

IMG_3990Me and Amir

For more pictures of our booth, visit


Almiraz said…
chazalle: apa yg comelnya?...hihi
yatie chomeyl said…
cake batik tu ada delivery ke babe?
Almiraz said…
yatie: Ada...tapi Shah Alam je....