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Fisher Price Joy of Learning Workshop

I got the opportunity to join this event through Azzamoro. I love her coz she always share these kind of things with me...heheheh...

 Fisher Price Joy of Learning Fisher Price Joy of Learning Workshop

I paid RM60 for registration. The workshop was held in Empire Hotel, which serves good food (pikir food saje yer)

The main speaker for the day was Ms Carrie Lupoli. She's an educational and parenting consultant, Founder of Live & Learn Consulting. She is really a nice lady, very talkative, funny and pretty too....(she so much reminds me of my American friend you people always talk fast and a lot like that?...)..don’t get me wrong, I’m always in awe when Ms Carrie talks…Love it!…very engaging, entertaining and informative!

IMG_4397 Ms Carrie Lupoli describing her kids

The program started at about 10 ish, each of us got a huge goody bag worth RM100. I love it!..

IMG_4395 Macam-macam inside the goody bag – like!

Among the main points that Ms Carrie said is always think about 'what you want to put in a box - to give to your children (because you will only be around for another 20-30 years). What I mean is not tangibles but intangibles such as good education, religion, kindness, honesty, happiness. But Carrie said the most important thing that you want your children to have is being independent, because by only being happy, we as parents cannot be happy when our children are still staying with us even if they are 40 years old!...(remember Matthew McConaughey in Failure To Launch?)

Ms Lupoli also reminded us to not just teach our children, but also model, coach and then mentor, as the children aged. In the end, our children will be able to make good decisions and survive, and be independent.

IMG_4398 Character and cognitive skills

I would love to join this kind of programmes again in future. I need to learn how to handle my 32 months old boy…he’s really a handful…sometimes an angel but sometimes sigh sigh…

All in all it was an informative workshop but unfortunately I didn’t get to win any of the lucky draws. …maybe next time insyaallah…hehehe…