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ilovesnackfood, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

I always, always love vintage shops. Stumbled upon ilovesnackfood when I visited Kaleidoscope in Publika. Been wanting to visit ilovesnackfood in Pantai Hillpark (when they were there) but never had a chance until they moved to Bangsar......


Adeline, the owner of ilovesnackfood is a friendly and lovely lady....I called to ask about the location because need to be sure kan before pegi. Apparently Adeline just changed the location in her FB page and so happen I thot I was confused between Pantai Hillpark and Bangsar!...heheheh

And so I brought my friends as well. Since we had a heavy breakfast party in office, we had the whole lunch time to jalan-jalan cuci mata. A lot of things in ilovesnackfood caught my eyes.....

IMG_4259 Love this typewriter, but it’s not working so price is RM250 (if I’m not mistaken)

IMG_4264 Little steel tiffin carriers priced at RM59 and RM69 per set

IMG_4265 Crawling babies

IMG_4267 Vintage combs and cameras

IMG_4255 Vintage posters

IMG_4258 Cute huh? It’s available for rent too

wooden gumball machine Wooden gumball machine. The original. Awesome!

IMG_4254 Globes….now I know where to find them

IMG_4260 Door framed turned table

IMG_4252 A jar full of oinks

IMG_4253 I actually wanted to take a picture of the retro typewriter but I saw this big mirror…hehehe

IMG_4261 One of the corners

IMG_4257 Definitely taking mil’s old sewing machine to make a nice table. So creative!

IMG_4268 Feathered arrow thing

IMG_4256 Yes, I have a few. Not naming anyone here. Some likes to humble brag, some are really down-to-earth, some are kind and nice.

And after all that, I just bought this:

IMG_4251 Ol’ skool harmonica

But Ade, I would love to buy your typewriters (in shocking pink or pastel pink please….hehehe)….I love and love your typewriters..

Snackfood is at 17A, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL. Visit their FB page at

Call Adeline if you’re not sure how to get there; at 019-267 3296