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Art of Speed 2013

Weekends ago, we went to Citta Mall for a whole lot of different art bazaar. It was the Art of Speed bazaar, which showcased vintage, antique and everything about cars, motorcycles and bikes.

My husband loves these things so asked me to join in the fun, coz you know, the normal bazaars always have girls stuffs and not many of boys stuffs. This Art of Speed was indeed a new level of boy-bazaar-experience.

Just look at the bikes pictures here...and bikes and bikes

art of speed 3

art of speed 2

art of speed 1

Can you see the Hot Wheels cut out box at the back? Those who came early had the opportunity to take a picture of their vehicle inside the ‘box’….as if a person just bought a Hot Wheels toy car…..awesome!…

More pictures that I snapped (while hubby busy looking here and there):

art of speed 9

art of speed 8

art of speed 4

Weather was scorching hot (after a heavy rain in the early morning)…so we tried a new brand of ice cream in town called Fatbaby Ice Cream.

art of speed 6

art of speed fat baby ice cream

fat baby ice cream Bolehla lawan Lastpolka

art of speed 5 Bosan? Main ipad

art of speed 7

art of speed Greenroom owner

What we bought:

IMG_4379 Art of Speed official t-shirt for Amir and Halifax tee for Abah

Hoping for art of Speed 2014 next year!