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DIM (Do-It-Myself) rework suitcase

There are tonnes of DIYs or DIM (Do-It-Myself) pictures of how to rework old vintagey suitcases on the internet. However, I just couldn't find the one that I want to do that is easy peasy and requires no hardwork (I know, I'm superlazy).
So the nearest (yang kira senang) is to use glue instead of sewing fabric onto the suitcase (I suck at sewing by the way, and baking).
I got this suitcase from my husband's aunty. No one wanted it. I senyum je sebab semua orang taknak hehehehe...

Brand apa pun taktau suitcase nih tapi perfect la for my project. This is how it looks on the inside:

IMG_4291 Suitcase buruk
One look at it, I really don’t know how to do or what to do. I researched on how to but tak menepati citarasa I yang sebenar, they either requires sewing or tools that I don’t have. So I pikir, baik I ikut yang style gam-gam je…..sonang kojo den.
So basically I glued fabric (which I bought from Daiso) and cleaned it properly (except for the rusty bit) I tak reti camne nak buat. The leather outside my hubby cleaned it with leather mosturiser that he bought from Timberland.
Pocket longgar-longgar tu we just used tack to make it nice. The top part I tampal kain batik lebihan. I think that is all that we did. It turned out ok, I guess. The result:
IMG_4505  Reworked suitcase as deco
I used it for my recent project for sweetalmiraz. You can check it out in this entry Vintage Lavender themed Wish Tree and Mini Candy Buffet in sweetalmiraz’s blog.
Kalau boleh nak kumpul suitcases banyak-banyak sebab dalam kepala otak ni banyak projek yang dipikirkan using the suitcases. This is one of the ideas which I saw in Haji Lane in Singapore baru-baru ni.
Tapi, mahal wei orang jual suitcases ni. They can go up thousands you know, depending on the brand and durability, and size as well. Vintage items are expensive! These are some of the suitcases that I saw in Anggerik Mall, boleh tahan mahal jugak harganya.
photo(1) Vintage suitcases in Anggerik Mall
I don’t know why, I just loveeeee barang vintage, makes me wanna be a hoarder hahahahah…..serius, lepas ni nak hoard barang-barang my mom….heheh