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Private Event: Preview of new collection of accessories at Louis Vuitton Gardens MV, Kuala Lumpur

I had the opportunity to tail my new instagram friend to LV Gardens and experienced a private event; the preview of new scarves and accessories for LV Malaysia last month (nampak sangat lama tak update blog nih)…

Since this was my first time, I was a bit nervous...(it was nothing actually)....I was just being kekok.

Came in a bit late but managed to squeeze in between 2 other friends whom I met that day.

LV had the COO and Image Consultant of Sri Munawwarah, Mrs Haslina Mohd Ali to demonstrate the many ways to style the LV scarves. Many of the styles were simple but classic looks without the use of multiple pins.

IMG_4371 Kak Ina giving a demo on how to style a LV scarf

IMG_4370 My friend asking Kak Ina for some hijab tips

I enjoyed my time so much (first time, excited lebih la ni)...and tetiba rasa nak bag LV (eh)….

IMG_4366 Picture of us with Kak Ina the COO for rememberance.

I didn’t manage to snap the scarfs, they were like hot cakes! Everyone wanted to see and hold them. I dok diam-diam jer perati gelagat peminat LV….


Coffee Mama said…
Waaahhh..LV gitu! Miss u..dah lama i tak berblogwalking....huhu
Almiraz said…
Coffee Mama: Gitu2....hahahah...i faham u bizi....takpe, yang penting u adala jln jugak kt blog i....hehehe tq!