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School Hunting (SRAI or SK?)

So Amir will be in standard 1 next year!!...How time flies, my baby will fly away to the world outside. Sekarang ni just pegi pre-school and balik rumah. That's it. Takde pegi art class ke apa bagai. I registered him online on the Sistem Pengurusan Murid Tahun 1 Online under the Jabatan Negeri Selangor. Easy peasy you just have to insert Mykid details and home address.At the same time, my husband and I would want Amir to be in Islamic school so that he doesn't have to rush back, have lunch and off to Sekolah Agama pulak. It will be so tiring for a kid his age. Sian dia nanti. So we prepped him for SRAI school (Sekolah Rendah Agama Integrasi). Ada exam in order to enter the school. Kalau pass exam tu baru boleh masuk SRAI. (Note: SRAI is under JAIS and considered as private school under federal territory).Syarat kemasukan SRAI:1. Register di Online di Sistem Pengurusan Murid Tahun Satu - pilih sekolah SK2. Register di SK yg di pilih3. Register di SRAI - amik borang in April and…