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Yee Button and Fabric Fanatics

Normally I will just browse, have a cuci-cuci mata at May May Shop. Bought once there and loved the fabric.No, I don’t sew, I suck at sewing, even nak ganti getah seluar pun tak reti, so I just leave the sewing jobs to tailors, setakat ni, I ada tukang jahit baju kurung and seluar. Good enough. Despite the disability (read: sewing), I still ada nafsu untuk membeli beautiful fabrics, for my other projects of course (read: projek tampal-tampal kain). Tell me which girl can resist cute and pretty fabrics? Well, mungkin ada la di antara kaum hawa yang tak minat tapi I memang minatttt….So, the other day I went to Yee Button (SS2 PJ) and Fabric Fanatics (Summit USJ) (not on the same day, of course) to check out their fabrics. Memang cute! Check out some of the pics that I snapped, these are from Yee Button.Yee Button arranges its fabrics according to their colorBaby themeRed and pinkGreen and batikPrints on canvasTop: Yellows Bottom: GreensFabric ribbonsOther sewing necessities are also on …