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Yee Button and Fabric Fanatics

Normally I will just browse, have a cuci-cuci mata at May May Shop. Bought once there and loved the fabric.

No, I don’t sew, I suck at sewing, even nak ganti getah seluar pun tak reti, so I just leave the sewing jobs to tailors, setakat ni, I ada tukang jahit baju kurung and seluar. Good enough.

Despite the disability (read: sewing), I still ada nafsu untuk membeli beautiful fabrics, for my other projects of course (read: projek tampal-tampal kain). Tell me which girl can resist cute and pretty fabrics? Well, mungkin ada la di antara kaum hawa yang tak minat tapi I memang minatttt….

So, the other day I went to Yee Button (SS2 PJ) and Fabric Fanatics (Summit USJ) (not on the same day, of course) to check out their fabrics. Memang cute! Check out some of the pics that I snapped, these are from Yee Button.

yee button5  Yee Button arranges its fabrics according to their color

Yee ButtonBaby theme

yee button8 Red and pink

yee button9 Green and batik

yee button2 Prints on canvas

yee button6 Top: Yellows Bottom: Greens

yee button4 Fabric ribbons

yeebutton Other sewing necessities are also on sale here. Soooo rambang mata.

Yee Button is located in SS2 Petaling Jaya. Google lah. Easy peasy.

These, on the other hand, are from Fabric Fanatics (in Summit USJ). Also very, very purdy too. Here, the fabrics are calculated based on yards. Prices starts from RM25 per yard.

fabric fanatics2 Who loves matrioshka?

fabrics fanatics Cantik kan yang pink kanan sekali tu? hehehe

IMG_5079 Eh, from here yang hijau tu nampak cantik pulak…but I bought the stars.

IMG_5077 Hot air ballons, anchors, cats… in love

IMG_5080 Polka dots never die

IMG_5083 Cath Kidston kinda fabric pun ado

IMG_5086 Animals prints also never die

IMG_5084 More anchors, they/re so in nowadays.

IMG_5078 Twines. Tapi halus talinya.

Both Yee fabric and Fabric Fanatics organise classes for beginners to intermediate. Not sure about Yee Button but Fabric Fanatics lets you choose the kind of items that you want to make such as purse, long purse, cute stuffed animal, teddy and fabric bags. So cool! You can check out their websites and Facebook page. Just google ya…..(sebenarnya malas nak tempek kat sini….)…tak membantu betul I nih…hehehehe…


NuRuL said…
owh..I love to see all those fabrics! gud info...i'm near to PJ. boleh singgah. hehe...

btw...i've followed ur blogs :)
Almiraz said…
Nurul: Yes, you shud singgah....cuci-cuci mata...tq for following my blog
chazalle said…
OMG!!!! bestnya... i yg x pandai jahit pun tetiba rasa inspired nak menjahit... tapi xtaulah bila akan terjadi... hihi...

still, kalau nampak fabrics mcm tu, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED...
Almiraz said…
chazelle: Kan?...excited i still simpan kain tu n tgh carik tailor yang boleh buat utk cover2 benda dapur like teapot, toaster etc..
Anonymous said…
Nak tanya mana lg byk pilihan?yee @ fabric??yg mana sesuai tuk peniaga?
Almiraz said…
Anon: Rasanya tak sesuai untuk peniaga sebab harganya mahal. Satu yard dah RM35 above...just my thought..