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Brain Expo Malaysia 2013

When I received an SMS from MeadJohson about this Brain Expo, I immediately booked my husband’s diary and told my kids to get ready for some educational trip to KLCC. Of course I didn’t hesitate when it comes to educational and fun stuffs and events. Amir was like “How come there’s a Brain Expo in a shopping complex?” (Because we normally go KLCC for shopping and window shopping so he was curious).

1-12 enfagrow-brain-expo-500x500 Picture taken from meadJohson official website

So we arrived at about 11 am and there was already a large crowd there. We received our goody bags (coz I pre-registered) at the entrance and went into the first area; Zone A: Genius Room. It’s a room dedicated to geniuses such as Beethoven, Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and our local genius, P.Ramlee.

brain expo - einstein booth Einstein booth

brain expo- Listening to Beethoven – can’t sit still

brain expo 1

brain expo2 Amazed by the Newton’s gravity theory

brain expo - pramlee

Next was Zone B: Brain Facts Walkway. It’s where they showcased a real human brain. Both my kids were like, euwww brain is not cute. I was like errr errr..terimalah kejadian Allah…hehehe..

And then we went into Zone C: Video Room. We watched a 2 minute video about brain, and neurons, synapses and stuff.

brain expo- video A 2-minute video on our brain

Next we walked into Zone D: Synapses Walkway. It’s where they showed how our synapses are connected and how they work. Kids were excited to see lights in the dark room.

brain expo - synapses walkway Kids in Synapses Walkway


Next, we walked into a ‘brain’…hehehe….it was where we learnt a lot about our brain; that there are 4 parts and they are; Frontal Lobe (controls motor skills, expressive language and reasoning), Parietal Lobe (processes sensory information such as touch, pain and pressure), Temperal Lobe (controls the interpretation of sounds and language), and Occipital Lobe (controls interpretation of visuals and information).

And then there was Zone F; 4 Traits of a Genius. The 4 traits are; Better problem solving, Sharper visual acuity, Faster language skills and Higher intellectual development. 

brain expo Trying to solve it on his own

brain expo - puzzle I must say the volunteers/workers on that day were friendly and provided guidance for my kids

The last zone was Zone G; EnfaMama A+ Club Station, Consultation Area and Playground. My kids enjoyed playing in the pool of colourful balls. I saw a Chinese girl yelling coz she didn’t want to go back. Alhamdulillah my kids were under control.

brain expo - pool ball 1

brain expo -pool ball 2

We also had our ‘berangan’ moments at their photo booths.

brain expo - photo booth 2 Amar the Doctor (with a small head)

brain expo photo booth Amir the Judge (with funny hair)

brain expo - goodies The goodies that we got

Thank you MeadJohnson for this experience! We had fun! Hope to be more involved in educational expo or events in the future.


chazalle said…
dah ada gaya amir jadi judge tu... hehehe...
Almiraz said…
chazelle: Insyaallah...tak nampak lagi minatnya ke mana...
Almiraz said…
Siti: Free je u...