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Laman Seni “Street Art” Seksyen 2, Shah Alam

I have been staying in Shah Alam since the 80s and I must say I’ve seen so many changes in Selangor (Shah Alam especially) within the past 8 years, both in the system and outlook of Shah Alam (PKNS more corporate, landscaping more beautified).

Recently, if you notice the Seksyen 2 area, (nearby the 2 blocks of shophouses), students from the Faculty of Art and Design, UiTM Shah Alam are working hard together with MBSA to beautify the back lane of the shophouses.

Called Laman Seni Shah Alam, the walls of the back alley are transformed into creative designs and murals that mostly potray Seksyen 2 Shah Alam, such as Kedai Maria, 7-Eleven and Master Art.

Check out some of the pics that I managed to snap recently:

Laman Seni street art seksyen 2 shah alam This is my favourite – Sekolah Dinding as I call it

school on a wall at street art section 2 shah alam Nice huh?

sekolah dinding at street art seksyen 2 shah alam The one on the floor – not sure its purposely like that or vandalised by people

bas sekolah at laman seni Err…I asked my son to pose running but he became stiff like that

street art shah alam All illustrated in one balloon

street art 5

street art 3 Getting Slurpee

street art 4

laman seni seksyen 2 shah alam 2

laman seni seksyen 2 - bas mini Bas Mini – looks real huh?

laman seni shah alam 1 Giant film roll on the wall

street art at section 2 shah alam

sponsor for laman seni seksyen 2 shah alam Of course, a tribute to the sponsor who funded the project – Bank Muamalat

The Mayor of Shah Alam said the project is aimed to change the public’s perception towards back lane alleys. He plans to have weekend bazaars for local brands to sell a variety of items such as accessories, pre-loved clothes and craft produce. I can’t wait for it. Some of my friends said that it’s a perfect place to do #ootd too. Hehehe…

Now dah cantik-cantik macam ni, its the public’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and the prettiness of the back lanes. How I wish they would do this in all sections in Shah Alam, barulah jadik Shah Alam Bandar Seni (fuhhh….)…oh yeah, after this I have to try the new Trek Basikal. I think that is a brilliant project as well. I love Shah Alam!


Anonymous said…
they should include a sign board too. i visited countless times this area because i like to get my art supplies there never noticed this. the one time i used the back alley to enter the area because the car park in front is always jammed one, was the first time i noticed this.
Almiraz said…
Anon: I think there is a signboard (the one opposite the school area)
shufyqa said…
Lorong belakang mana ye??? Xjumpe pon pgi sne.... bole tolongggggg bg tahu supaya senang nakk cri