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Cerita Cuti Sekolah (Part 2) – Kursus Pengaktifan Otak Tengah

So in front of Amir’s pre-school there was a Ladies Boutique. One day as I was waiting for Amir, I pun masukla butik ni saja-saja nak tengok-tengok jer…Lepas dah tengok I had a chit chat with the owner, apparently the owner was a gynae in KPJ Shah Alam (Dr. Shahbahiah) and she resigned to pursue her dreams of opening and managing her own business. So she explained to me about Kursus Pengaktifan Otak Tengah (KPOT). I was interested in enrolling Amir since dia pun takde buat apa-apa for the school holidays kan….


So I registered Amir and told everyone at home about this programme. Semua orang macam what!?…Sounds like a scam…even my brother yang Dr tu pun cakap, mana ada otak tengah….I felt tertipu gitu. Macamana pun I belum bayar lagi but still I wanted Amir to try for himself and experience, kalau dah gynae tu cakap elok,  apa salahnya kan…I masih bertekad jugak nak hantar Amir situ. The fee was RM600 for two days….kalau tak elok ke apa, sah-sah I akan komplen kat Tribunal ke apa ke…mahal tu kan…

And so the day came, the crowd was quite busy…tak sangka pulak ramai orang berminat….maybe diorang dah tahu kebaikan program ni. So basically the first day tu our kids will be exposed to the programme and then only on the second day baru parents boleh join towards the end and can see their capabilities. If the kids can’t get the 2 day programme, they can re-join again…sampai budak-budak tahu what it is all about.

What is this Kursus Pengaktifan Otak Tengah? Ok, korang boleh baca kat link ni….kat youtube pun ada, in fact it’s all over the internet.

Masa the second day tengok Amir tu, I managed to record this:

I was like…how did he do that? Macam magic ke apa? I was amazed. So the teacher, Encik Muhammad Adha explained to me that Amir’s middle brain is easily activated coz he’s still a kid, so basically Amir is looking using his brain and not his eyes. This will enable him to focus more in his studies and have better coordination between his left and right brains. Kalau macam orang tua macam kita ni otak tengah dah tido lama sangat dah, if we want to join, will take about 2 weeks to ‘awaken’ our middle brain.


After the explanation, the NHA MInd Secret Team showed some slides presentation about the programme

kursus pengaktifan otak tengah En. Muhammad Adha giving some explanation about the programme

And as seen below, Pn. Awin and Dr Norlee showed some of the pictures coloured by the students for the day, the students were blindfolded while colouring the pictures. Amir tak termasuk, or maybe yang buruk tu coz he doesn’t fancy colouring much. Yang menang colouring tu semua girls.

IMG_6374 Pn Awin and Dr Norlee showing some of the pictures coloured by the students

IMG_6375 Amir receiving his certificate and goodies

IMG_6379 Group photo after the programme

So sekarang ni Amir is still in his 1 month practice. Tiap-tiap malam kena buat. Frankly speaking ada jugak terlepas satu or dua hari tapi we still have to finish it. Kena bagi otak dia sentiasa aktif. Everytime I practise with Amir, I am always amazed, always asking him how did you do that? Amir cakap memula dia kena tutup mata, tarik nafas and carik cahaya. So I asked, cahaya tu macamana? terang macam lampu ke, macam mentol ke, dia cakap terang macam lampu, macam boleh nampak macam biasa….Hebat! kata hati kecilku.

IMG_6447 Amir practising the colouring at home

Ada jugak yang nak join…nih budak kecik nih…colour pun tak kenal lagi…and he’s already 3 plus…dia cuma tahu biru, merah and hitam je camne?…and dia cepat boring…how?…abc pun tak kenal lagi…..I have to work harder this year nampaknya…